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What independent equipment is included in beer brewing systems in breweries and restaurants?

The demand for beer in today's life is getting higher and higher. In order to meet the development of society, many entrepreneurs buy beer brewing equipment to complete different beer brewing, which can not only meet the needs of more users with high taste requirements, but also help entrepreneurs Users get more profits, but generally, to establish a brewery, you need to prepare complete sets of production equipment, so what specific systems are included?

The types of equipment generally available are as follows:

One, Raw material crushing equipment;

Second, the saccharification system;

Saccharification system: 

1. Saccharification pot ;

2. Passage tank ;

3. Cycloprecipitation tank ;

4. Plate heat exchanger ;

5. Wort guide pump;

6. Saccharification combined pipeline ;

7. Wort thermometer ;

8. Temperature measurement and oxygenation combination;

9 . Measuring cylinder;

10. Sugar meter;

11. Out of the handle and fork;

12. Inner exhaust barrel

In the saccharification system, the brewing raw material (malt) is crushed at an early stage, and the crushing effect is broken but not broken, which is convenient for saccharification and feeding.

Third, the fermentation system;

Beer fermentation system consists of fermentation tank, sake tank and temporary storage tank; fermentation is an extremely important process in beer production. It is a complex biochemical reaction process involving yeast. The fermentation tank is cylindrical with a cone bottom. The tank body has its own cooling device, which can easily control the fermentation temperature. The bottom of the tank is tapered, which is convenient for yeast recovery and cleaning. The body has a CIP cleaning system to ensure hygiene and safety in production. Possess a good international fermentation engineering technology, can use PLC automatic temperature control technology.

1. Specifications from 100L-30000L, can be customized according to customer needs.

2. Welded with imported stainless steel 304 or 316L material.

3. The precision reaches the hygienic standard, the inner wall polishing finish is less than 0.6 microns, and the outside is stainless steel polishing treatment (can be made into primary colors, mirror polishing and other effects)

Fourth, the refrigeration system;

The cold demand of the beer production process is intermittent, and the output is also in the off-peak season, and the compressor operates at the highest efficiency under full load. During the peak production period, three compressors are required to operate simultaneously (just for illustration), and when the production is at a low point, one compressor may not be able to reach full capacity. Therefore, according to the characteristics of the brewery's production cooling, in the design of the refrigeration system, it must be considered to reduce the number of compressors under different load conditions as much as possible, and try to keep the compressor running at full load to maximize its performance. Work efficiency. In the system design, we should properly merge the refrigeration system, and add bridges between the compressors of different evaporating temperature systems to ensure that the refrigeration compressor can be flexibly deployed under different load conditions to reduce compressor activation. The number of units improves the efficiency of the compressor.

Direct cooling with ammonia

Direct cooling of ammonia liquid is more energy-saving than indirect cooling of refrigerant. In many new breweries, the cooling of fermentation tanks has changed from the indirect cooling of the refrigerants used in the past to the current direct cooling of ammonia.

The following is an example of a fermentation tank in a brewery with an annual output of 200,000 tons. The economic analysis of direct ammonia cooling and indirect cooling of the coolant is carried out: the cooling demand is 580Kw, and the wort is reduced from + 12 ℃ to -1 ℃ .

Five, Water treatment system;

Six, cleaning system;

Seven, the control system;

Eight, wine sales equipment;

(Cooked beer should have);

Sterile filtration and aseptic packaging equipment (draft beer should have). The production of draft beer should also have comprehensive aseptic control of the production process.

The production of special beer should have production equipment suitable for the production process of special beer, for example: the production of ice beer should have ice crystallization processing equipment.

Beer brewing equipment is made of copper and stainless steel. The antique copper shape of the mash pot is elegant and elegant. The equipment uses electric heating, easy to operate, no noise and no pollution. Our company can also customize beer equipment according to the actual situation of each hotel, making beer equipment become the hardware to upgrade the hotel. Such live brewing, wine tasting bars and restaurants are increasingly appearing in urban life.

The hotel's supporting craft beer system is an inevitable direction for the future development of the catering industry, because as people's quality of life improves, people's consumer demand will increase to more nutritious, healthier, more natural, and more pleasant directions. This change, and because the taste, nutrition or consumption mood of the beer makes it impossible for high-end bottled beer to compete with it, and more importantly, the beer equipment brewed by King Hansen is brewed on site and consumed on site. Filtration does not require high temperature treatment, a unique process, without adding any additives, it is truly mixed with all malt. Therefore, the taste is purer, fresher, more nutritious and more hygienic. Especially in the production process without any additives, it is a truly original all-natural beer, known as the boutique of beer boutiques. At the same time, beer houses in many developed countries in the world can be seen everywhere, fully reflecting the development prospects and vitality of craft beer in the world.

Putting a beautiful and luxurious beer brewing equipment in the hotel to make drinking fresh beer a reality will be the revolution and surpass of the world's catering industry, because this is not only a large amount of capital investment, but more importantly, it is a high-end input Technology and the image of the hotel and a symbol of strength, she showed the image and strength of the hotel.

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