We are a one of the largest Brewery equipment manufacturers and factory since 1958 from china ,professional craft brewing,home brewing ,microbrewery and commercial brewing equipment equipment solutions from China.we design and install Brewery equipment worldwide. Admin@senmobrew.com

Commercial beer brewing systems

Commercial beer brewing systems is the equipment for beer production used in brewhouse, brewpub, hotel, restaurant and other commercial sites. It is mainly composed of brewery mash system and stainless steel fermentation tanks. WEMAC commercial brewery,the whole equipment is mad of SUS304 or 316L,which meets the international and national food hygiene and safety standard. The polishing precision is less than 0.3um.The operation and control can be automatic control,semi automatic control or manual operation.

We are a manufacturer of complete beer brewing system equipment and have been operating in this industry for more than 60 years.

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