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Best 50L home beer microbrewery equipment

  • * Processing : Fermenting Equipment, Beer Brewing
  • * Brand : WEMAC
  • * Condition : New
  • * Material : SUS 304 316
  • * Place of Origin : Weifang, China (Mainland)
  • * Control system : AUTO/MANUAL
  • * Warranty : Within 24 months against the date of B/L
  • * Voltage: : To Be Determined (220V/ 380V/ 415V)
Two vessels combination,mash/lauter tun+kettle/whirlpool tun brewery.electric coil heating,the mashing system is made of high quality stainless steel,inner shell thickness is 3mm,and outer shell thickness is 2mm,Polyurethane foam filling insulation.sutiable to use in home beer brewery.

Best 50L home beer microbrewery equipment

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Are you ready to take your home brewing to the next level? Look no further than our top-of-the-line 50L home beer microbrewery equipment. Crafted with precision and designed for enthusiasts who demand excellence, this equipment will transform your home into a microbrewery capable of producing high-quality beer with ease.

Brewhouse of Best 50L home beer microbrewery equipment

Mash/lauter tun+kettle/whirlpool tun.the 50L home beer microbrewery equipment are heated by inner electric element.

The mashing and fermentation of the whole set of machines are separated. The bottoms of the two bodies are equipped with universal wheels,which can be moved by hand.

Stainless steel round tube cart armrests, bottom square stainless steel tube rack, universal wheels installed at the bottom, the height of the equipment legs and top cover can be adjusted according to the height of the room in which it is used.


And The whole set of machines are all made into a quick-fit connect type,and the machine can be used without installation after it arrives at the site.The pipeline connection of the equipment is simple,water and electricity pipe,and only one wort quick-fit hose from mash to fermentation.


The electrical connection of the machine is plug and socket type, the total installed capacity is about 9.85KW, and the maximum power consumption is about 5.3KW.

home beer brewing-microbrewery machine-cooling tank-chiller.jpg

Fermentation and cooling system of Best 50L home beer microbrewery equipment

The stainless steel frame welded with chiller,glycol water tank and fermenters,all in one frame,The cold water pump transports cold water to circulate cooling in the fermentation tank.

The volume of the fermentation tank is 50L, and the monthly output of 3 fermentation tanks can reach 300L.

In addition to convenient installation and operation, 50L home beer micro brewing equipment has a high fault tolerance rate. For newbies in beer brewing, small equipment can be used for experimental research. The amount of raw materials used is small,and the production cost is low. For the small water and electricity consumption,even ordinary families can afford it.

Micro-beer-brewing-beermaking-home using-beer making-system.jpg

Configuration list of Best 50L home beer microbrewery equipment




Technical Description


Mashing system

Mash & lauter tank


1Inner shell is made of SUS304,thickness is 2.5mmCladding thickness is 1.5mm                                                                                              2Electric heating, 1-1.5/min,elliptical manhole, butterfly head                                                                                           

3Heat-resisting polyurethane foam is used for keeping warm,thickness is 80mm                                                                     

4Full capacity of lauter part is 60L                                                                                          

5Heat-resisting polyurethane foam is used for keeping warm for lauter part,thickness is 80mm  

6Feed on the top of the filter, inlet and flush filter on the same level.The upper 2 root into the tube, one for reflow and wash the worse.Internal bad washing device adopts double umbrella flow plate form, a second washing pipe, used to wash lauter tank, washing ball confirm with  ISO standard.                                                                                   

7Upper lauter with oval endoscopic manhole side out of the discharging mouth;Butterfly tank bottom, lauter out main belt audition and health sampling valve, sight glasses level installation;And the suction lauter,natural lauter can realize , natural filtering can synchronize when washing.  8Filter plate: milling.Material:SUS304, opening rate is about 10%;Surface light, smooth;Local can open, convenient cleaning, the use of deformation;Filter plate and the distance between the bottom of the pot between 2 to 5 cm, at the bottom of the tank with the cleaning device, uniform not less than three.                                                               

9The thermometer meter is digital display.The precision of platinum thermal resistor is ±0.3 .The temperature range is from 1 to 120                                                                                                                     

10Equipped with cleaning tube, wash ball confirm with ISO standard.


boiling and whirlpool tank


1Full capacity of  is 95l,empty capacity is higher than 40%2The inner shell is made of SUS304, thickness is 2.5mm,The cladding thickness is 1.5mm.3Polyurethane foam is used to keep warm for the filter tank.The thickness of keeping warm material is 75mm4Steam outlet pipeline on the top which diameter is 76 for the steam discharging.the steam outlet pipeline will equip with condensed water collecting device  and the outlet pipeline  should be embedded in the thermal insulation layer5Counterclockwise tangential feeding when depositing, feeding port under the liquid level 1/3;With liquid level tube, with a breathing hole, side installation fast loading manhole.The bottom shape and material discharging to insure the effect of depositing as well as to improve the operation convenience, reduce the loss of material liquid.Hanging heavy discharging pipe and drainage pipe between a bypass.With cleaning tube, embedded in the thermal insulation layer.6Inner Surface welds polishing process.The apperance is beautiful.Pipeline layout,opening meet the requirement of  operation, installation and visiting.7Whirlpool tank equipped with cleaning tube, wash ball confirm with ISO standard.


Mash support

 stainless steel 304 .


Wort pump


Sanitary centrifugal pump, pump body and impeller material stainless steel 304, conform to the requirements of the health level of pump;370 w, lift 10 ~ 15 m;Granularity for 3 to 5 mm.


Fermentation system

Fermentation tank

Effective volume50L

1.The inner shell of tank material is SUS304, national standard thickness is 2.5 mm; cladding material is SUS304,thickness is 1.5 mm.                

2.Dribbling is used to cool,material is SUS304, thickness is 1.5 mm, withstand voltage is 3 bar , cylindrical  cooling temperature area is about 40% of the cylinder surface area , the cones cooling area is about 50% of the surface of the cones.  

3.Polyurethane foam is used to keep warm,the thickness is 80 mm.                                                4.Withstand voltage of tank is 2.5bar                                                                                          

5.60 °hypocone is compressive strength design.                                                                          

6.Empty capacity is 20%.                                                                                                

7.nternal roughness is less than 0.4 um , no distortion, no scratches, weld highly polishing            8.The upper installation lamp lens.                                                                                           

9.The tank equips with temperature sensor,sample valve,machanical valve.Discharge outlet is at the bottom, beer outlet valve is at the pyramis.  

10.Discharge pipe is at the bottom ,the diameter is Ø25


Mechanical valve

Material is SUS304, Rifeng brand


Cooling system



1.Type: air-cooled refrigeration unit.
2.Ability to meet the requirements.


Alcohol water tank


1.It is made of SUS304,                                                                               

2.Inner equip with copper evaporator,heat radiating area matches evaporator                                  3.Automatic temperature control.


Alcohol water pump


Alcohol water circulating pump, ability to meet the requirements.

Electric System

PLC and touch screen control

1. Realize special fermentation that is two warming segments, three sections of cooling ;

2. According to different beer can set different fermentation curve, to meet different fermentation technology.

3. Achieve 2-24 hours any cooling speed setting,
thereby preventing ice tank and protect the function of the yeast, and meet the normal fermentation mechanism.

4. No duty for fermentation inspection

5. Temperature, time and cycle can be arbitrarily set and modified

6. System capacity meet a fermentation period.System once every 20 minutes collect data and summary,record all data of a fermentation cycle.

7. Traceability.

8. The accuracy of error is plus or minus 0.3 .



Fermentation &refrigeration shared one, mashing use the other


Fermentation control solenoid valve


Stainless steel spring, fluorine rubber diaphragm, DC24V.


Wire and Cable

Signal lines use the shielded wire


threading pipe

1.Stainless steel decoration pipe,the size & number meet site installation requirements.


Pipeline fittings

Mash line


Including the sugar barrels, saccharifying all valves and piping.Valve shows that manufacturers, including water pipe.


The alcohol water line


Option 1: one solenoid valve, two ball valve, pipe filters, pipe insulation thickness is 3 cm, outsourcing stainless steel decoration pipe.



Option 2: use one solenoid valve, use PPR pipe, 3 cm rubber sponge to keep wartm, outsourcing aluminum foil paper.





1. What is a 50L home beer microbrewery equipment?

A 50L home beer microbrewery equipment is a complete brewing system designed for homebrewers who want to produce high-quality beer in smaller batches, typically 50 liters (approximately 13 gallons) at a time.

2. What is included in a 50L home beer microbrewery equipment package?

Typically, a 50L microbrewery equipment package includes essential components such as a fermenter, brewing kettle, temperature control system, fermenting vessels, and often, a mash tun. The specific components may vary based on the manufacturer and customization options.

3. Is this equipment suitable for beginners?

Yes, many 50L microbrewery equipment kits are designed to be user-friendly and are suitable for beginners. They often come with step-by-step instructions to help newcomers get started with home brewing.

4. Can I brew different styles of beer with this equipment?

Absolutely! The 50L capacity allows you to brew a wide range of beer styles, from ales and lagers to specialty and experimental brews. It provides the flexibility to explore and experiment with various recipes.

5. How does temperature control work in this equipment?

Temperature control is essential in brewing to achieve consistent results. Many 50L microbrewery systems come with built-in temperature control systems or options for attaching external temperature control devices to maintain precise brewing temperatures.

6. Can I expand this equipment for larger batches in the future?

Depending on the manufacturer, some 50L microbrewery equipment may offer expansion options. You can explore add-ons or larger fermenters if you decide to scale up your brewing capacity.

7. Is it easy to clean and maintain?

Proper cleaning and maintenance are essential for brewing equipment. Many systems are designed for easy cleaning and maintenance, with removable components and materials that resist corrosion.

8. Are there any safety considerations when using this equipment?

Safety is paramount when brewing at home. Users should be familiar with the equipment, follow safety guidelines, and exercise caution when working with hot liquids and pressurized vessels.

9. What resources are available for troubleshooting and support?

Many manufacturers and homebrewing communities offer resources for troubleshooting and support. You can find online forums, guides, and communities of homebrewers who are willing to share their expertise.

10. Can I personalize my brews with this equipment?

Yes, one of the joys of home brewing is the ability to personalize your brews. You can experiment with different ingredients, hops, malts, and brewing techniques to create unique and customized beer flavors.

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Best 50L home beer microbrewery equipment

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