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Ultrafiltration(UF) system

We ate Ultrafiltration(UF) system manufacturer and supplier,one of the best Ultrafiltration(UF) system factory from china.

The ultrafiltration membrane mainly removes bacteria, colloids, suspended matter, proteins and other macromolecular substances in the water quality, and does not make any changes to the trace elements in the water quality.

Ultrafiltration system is powered by pressure and uses different pore sizes to achieve the separation of impurities in water quality.

Ultrafiltration system can be used in the production of mineral water and mountain spring water, provided that the quality of the raw water is relatively good and does not contain any harmful trace elements.

Ultrafiltration system can also be used between pretreatment and reverse osmosis(RO) as pretreatment.

Ultrafiltration equipment, the main application areas involve food, beverages, biopharmaceuticals, fine chemicals, industrial wastewater treatment and reuse, surface water pretreatment, reclaimed water reuse, etc.

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