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Pure steam generator

CZQ series pure steam generator of WEMAC adopts purified water to produce pure steam by heating industrial steam. It is mainly applied in sterilization of pharmaceutical equipment and all kinds of craft production line (pipeline and storage tank etc.). The condensed water of the produced pure steam meets the requirement of CGMP (CP2015), USP39 and EP9.0.

1. Structural: both the evaporator and the separator is double tube plate type.

2. Separation device: the feed water enters the equipment will under three stage separation that is film evaporation, gravity separation and spiral circumferential flow.

3. Material: The parts that contact with the feed water, pure steam and the pure steam condensate water should be all adopted with SS316L.

4. Automatic welding: For the connection of the pipeline and the spare parts, use the arc welding to protect the automatic welding track, to ensure the welding quality.

5. Three-dimensional elbow: Making stainless steel pipe directly tensile bend in the pipeline as far as possible, avoid welding.

6. Insulation: Both the separator and pre-heater are adopted with glass fiber needle wire mat, which is a new type thermal insulation material. The insulation effect is 30 times better than traditional material.

7. Surface polish: electro-chemical polish is adopted to the interior and the exterior surface, to effectively guarantee the finish of the surface of the stainless steel. Sandblasting process can also be applied to the exterior surface.

8. Energy saving: The evaporator and separator form a large connectivity, and the heat will be fully utilized. The entire device statue can from standby to reach its maximum capacity in a very short time. Use level control to make the feed water to be fully utilized, to fully save the energy.  

9. Control system: Adopt PLC automatic control technology, can provide a variety of modes of communication, which meet the control system of 21CFR PART11, the automatic control system can meet the requirement of GAMP5.

10. Recording mode: paperless recorder, or paper recorder to record the key parameters in real time.

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