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Why choose us

WEMAC beer brewing equipment was established in 1958, WEMAC beer brewing equipment is one of the top brewing equipment manufacturs and factory, including 70 senior technologists. We have 530 employees and workers in total. WEMAC provides water treatment equipment for above 60% medicine factories in Chinese local market, totally 3000+ factories and companies.

WEMAC also provides high quality beer brewing equipment, beer brewery technical guidance, personnel training, technological formulation, beer new technology research and development.


1)Since 1958, more than 60 years’ good reputation comes from top quality.

2)Professional technical team in design and customization.

3)Top manufacturing ability, national and industrial benchmark.

4)WEMAC insists on full material in tank thickness. Different from competitors’claimed thickness. WEMAC equipment is thicker and heavier than competitors’.

5)WEMAC equipment is more stable with longer service life. The oldest equipment in use is more than 40 years old.

Why choose us

Factory advantage products

WEMAC group company is dedicated to the design, manufacture and production of Pharm water equipment and Beer brewing equipment for more than 60 years in Weifang city, China. We have been benchmark in domestic market and exported top quality equipment to Europe, America, Japan, South Korea, Southeast Asia and African countries.

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Top 10 beer brewery equipment manufacturers and factory in china

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