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WFI equipment

The WFI equipment manufactured by WEMAC is completely complied with the requirements in CP2015, EP9.0 and USP40. WEMAC equipment can satisfy different pharmaceutical companies’ various requirements for WFI production in global market. According to different pharmacopeia, one way to get WFI distilled through Multi effect water distiller by using purified water as source water; the other way to get WFI is to use purified water as feed water by purified water system. All the feed water used in above two methods must conform to EPA, EC, Japan’s legal request or WHO drinking water guide.

Water quality produced by WEMAC WFI equipment completely meet the standard of TOC≤500 ppb, electrical conductivity 1.1 us/cm 20℃, 1.3us/cm 25℃, bacteria endotoxin 0.25EU/ml, microorganism action limit ≤10CFU/100ml. Some regions with good original water can get much better production water quality with higher standard. WEMAC can provide individuality technical design, manufacturing, installation, validation and other services according to customers’ requirements. The capacity range of WEMAC’S WFI equipment is from 100L/H to 20000L/H. 

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