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Tube heat exchanger

Tube and shell heat exchanger, also known as tube-and-tube heat exchangers, are wall-mounted heat exchangers that are closed to the wall of the tube bundle in the housing as a heat transfer surface. WEMAC carries out technical optimization and installation process optimization design according to the technical parameters provided by customers.

WEMAC fluid engineering company has cooperated with many famous heat exchanger companies. After knowing the technical character and working parameters of the heat exchanger, we design optimal installation process to customers.

1. The are two kinds of heat exchanger, single tube plate and double tube plate, which can both withstand high temperature and high pressure.

2. Adopted SS316L seamless pipe as heat exchanging pipe to prolong the service life.

3. O type sealing ring design, meet the requirements of FDA, USP class VI.

4. Heat exchanger has no dead leg, no contamination and easy for cleaning.

5. It can prevent the breeding of the microbes to butter meet the validation’s requirements.

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