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100L beer brewing home microbrewery

  • * Processing : Fermenting Equipment, Beer Brewing
  • * Brand : WEMAC
  • * Condition : New
  • * Material : SUS 304 316
  • * Place of Origin : Weifang, China (Mainland)
  • * Control system : AUTO/MANUAL
  • * Warranty : Within 24 months against the date of B/L
  • * Voltage: : To Be Determined (220V/ 380V/ 415V)
Mash/lauter/kettle tun+whirlpool tun,electric coil heating,two stages cooling,plate heat exchanger and cooling chiller.the volumn of the each tank is 100L ,the daily beer production can reach to 100L at least,suitable to use in home beer brewing.

100L beer brewing home microbrewery

two vessels mashing vessel-100L home microbrewery.JPG

Mash brewhouse-100L beer brewing home microbrewery

Two vessels combination brewhouse,mash/lauter/kettle tun+whirlpool tun. and the two vessels are welded in the stainless steel frame,The lid on the top of the mashing system can be removed and moved, which is convenient for washing the grains and rinsing the tank. We can add a CIP cleaning ball on the top of the tank according to customer requirements.

After home beer brewing and mashing finished, washing can reduce the purchase of CIP systems and save costs. At the same time, the equipment after washing can ensure that the flavor of the wort after mashing is stable.

The brewing time of each batch is about 7-8 hours,it is easy to brewing one batch of beer oer day,when increasing the labor time,the production can reach to 200L per day.

Both the two brewing vessels are equipped with temperature sensor,The temperature sensor probe converts the temperature signal into an electrical signal,and displays the temperature on the PLC system and the touch screen.

chiller-conical cooling fermenter-fermentation tank.JPG

Chiller and cooling system-100L beer brewing home microbrewery

In the whole system of the 100L beer brewing home microbrewery,including two stages cooling machine,one is the plate heat exchanger,after the mashing is fished,the temperature is around 80℃.too high to fermenter,so before pumps into fermenters ,the wort need to be cool through plate heat exchanger,Wort temperature can be reduced to room temperature.

The second stage of cooling in the cooling system consists of cooling water pipes,chiller and glycol water tank.The refrigerator prepares cold water and stores it in the cold water tank,and the cold water pump delivers the cold water to the fermenter,which circulates refrigeration in the fermenter jacket.The temperature is controlled at around zero.The horsepower of the refrigerator determines the size of the refrigeration capacity.The choice of the refrigerator should be matched according to the volume and quantity of the fermentation tank. We will calculate according to the number of fermentation tanks of the customer at the factory,so as to save the cost and provide the most suitable product for the customer. 

Fermenter-100L-1HL-1BBL-beer brewing fermenter-Fermentation vessels.JPG

fermenter-fermentation tank-jacketed tank.JPG

Fermenter-100L beer brewing home microbrewery

Conical jacketed fermenters,The upper part is equipped with a head, and both the head and the tank have the function of heat preservation. Miller board jacket, polyurethane foam filling, high cooling efficiency, keeping the temperature at a constant fermentation temperature.

The upper part is equipped with a head, and both the head and the tank have the function of heat preservation. Miller board jacket, polyurethane foam filling, high cooling efficiency, keeping the temperature at a constant fermentation temperature.

Household beer brewing can reduce the number of fermentation tanks if it is not sold for profit, and if the equipment is used in places such as bars and requires a large beer output, then the fermentation tanks can be increased to expand the output.

The dimensions of our fermentation tank can be adjusted according to the room layout of the customer's site, and even designed as a horizontal fermentation tank to make full use of the space on site.

The fermenter accessories are equipped with thermometers, pressure gauges, safety valves, sampling valves, etc. in addition to temperature sensors that deliver temperature signals. It can meet all your requirements for the small beer process at home.

The more detailed technical description are as followed,we provide system solution/configuration/design draswing after enquiry about the 100L beer brewing home microbrewery. 

We will carry out on-site factory installation and commissioning before the equipment leaves the factory, and provide video files. Even in the special period of COVID-19, we can also provide customers with on-site installation, commissioning and training services. If you are interested in beer brewing system distribution or equipment agent, please let us know.

Configuration-100L beer brewing home microbrewery







 Technical parameter description


Malt Crushing system


Malt crusher


1 Set

1. Type: double roller type

2. Material: all 304

3. Voltage 380V, 3PH, 50Hz, 0.75KW

4. The speed of the fast roller is 700 rpm/min

5. The quality of the whole machine is about 60KG.


Mash system


Mash/kettle/whirlpool tun


1 Set

1. The inner tank and outer material are made of SUS304, the thickness is 3mm, and the outer material is 2mm thick. Dimensions: D=650, H=1660mm;
2. Electric heating tube. The heating meets the temperature rise of 1-1.5 degrees per minute.
3. Heat-resistant polyurethane foam, with a thickness of 75mm.
4. Rotary sinking counterclockwise tangential feeding, the feeding port is 1/3 below the liquid level; it has a liquid level tube and a breathing hole. There is a bypass between the suspension discharge pipe and the sewage pipe.
6. The precision of platinum resistance is ±0.3 degrees Celsius, and the temperature range is 0-150 degrees Celsius.
7. The interior of the equipment is highly polished, and the welding seam is finely processed, without uneven deformation, etc.; the appearance of the equipment is beautiful, and the pipeline layout and opening positions meet the requirements of operation, site installation and visit.


Lauter tun


1 Set

1. The inner liner and outsourcing material is SUS304, the thickness is 3mm, and the outsourcing thickness is 2mm. Dimensions: D=650, H=1660mm;
2. The side feed is filtered, and the quick installation manhole is installed on the side.
3. Heat-resistant polyurethane foam, with a thickness of 75mm.
4. The diameter of the upper steam discharge pipe is ¢63.
5. The upper part of the filter is designed with an open cover and the side outlet; the upper steam discharge pipe has a diameter of ¢63. Configure CIP cleaning ball.
6. Filter plate: milling. The material is SUS304, the opening rate is about 10%; the surface is bright and flat; the part can be opened, easy to clean, and no deformation; the distance between the filter plate and the bottom of the pot is between 2-5cm, and the bottom of the tank is equipped with a bottom cleaning device, uniform No less than 3.


Plate heat exchanger

1 Set

1. Two-stage cold, suspended type. The design pressure is 1.0mpa and the design temperature is 150 degrees.
2. The frame material is covered with stainless steel, and the plate material is 304.
3. The combination of heat exchange area and process meets: the wort drops from 98 degrees to 8-10 degrees. One section enters normal temperature tap water, the other section enters -5℃ refrigerant.
4. The wort inlet, cooling water and refrigerant inlet all adopt ball valves to control the flow.


Wort aeration device

1 set

Venturi principle material is 304, oxygenation is uniform and meticulous, with glass sight glass, oxygenation status is visible.


Hop filter

1 Set

 1. Valve plate material: SUS304;
2. Connection method: quick installation;
3. Filtration accuracy: 40 mesh;
4. Applicable temperature: -20-130℃;
5. Pressure range: 0-10bar.


Wort pump

1 Set

1. The pump body and impeller are made of SUS304, which meets the requirements of sanitary pumps and is a well-known domestic brand.
2. Frequency conversion control, flow rate 1T/h, head 15 meters.


Fermentation system




3 Sets

1. The inner tank is made of SUS304, thickness 3mm; the outer material is SUS304, thickness 2mm. Dimensions: D=650, H=1500;
2. Miller board cooling, material SUS304, thickness 1.5mm, the cooling area of the cylinder is about 40% of the surface of the cylinder, and the cooling area of the cone is about 50% of the surface of the cone.
3. Polyurethane foam insulation, thickness 75mm.
4. The tank can withstand a pressure of 2.5bar.
5. Compression-resistant design of cone under 60°.
6. 20% empty capacity. The upper part of the cylinder of the tank is flush with the bottom of the washing ball,
7. The internal roughness is ≤0.4um, and there is no deformation, no scratches, and the welding seam is highly polished. The inner cylinder is mirror polished.
8. The upper dish-shaped head, single seal.
9. The tank body is equipped with a temperature sensing port, a sanitary sampling valve, a pressure gauge, and a breathing valve. There is a sewage port at the bottom, and a search light mirror DN100 is installed at the top.
10. The bottom drain pipe Ø25.


Sanitary regulating breathing valve (two-way safety valve)

3 Pics

Material: SUS304
Installation method: quick installation, chuck 50.5
Pressure: 0.2MPa


Cleaning system


CIP pump

1 Set

 1. 1 mobile cleaning pump with control panel.
2. The pump body and impeller are made of SUS304 high quality stainless steel, which meets the requirements of sanitary pumps.
The flow rate is 3 tons/hour, the head is 24 meters, and the voltage level is AC380V, 50Hz.


Cooling system




1 Set

 1. Unit type: air-cooled chiller, voltage level AC380V, 50Hz, total input power 2.4KW.
2. The capacity meets the requirements, the outlet water temperature is -5℃, and the nominal cooling capacity is 6.97KW.
3. Dimensions (L*W*Hmm): 990×760×842
4. Outdoor installation, ambient temperature <35℃.
5. Compressor: fully enclosed scroll type, refrigerant R22.
6. Built-in control


Ice water tank


1 Set

1. The material is SUS304, the inner liner is 2mm thick, and the outer shell is 2mm, with wire drawing treatment. Dimensions: D=650, H=1970;
2. Polyurethane foam insulation, thickness 80mm.
3. The upper cone head and the outer cone heat preservation head.
4. The tank body is equipped with temperature sensor (-10-150℃, 4-20mA signal, L=200mm, 50.5 chuck connection, brand Fred);
5. There are liquid outlet and sewage outlet at the bottom
6. The internal 2B surface of the equipment, pickling passivation treatment, external surface drawing treatment, beautiful appearance, pipeline layout, opening position, etc. meet the requirements of operation, site installation and visit.


Ice water pump

Flow 3T/H, head 24M

1 Set

 Alcohol water circulation pump, the capacity meets the requirements.380V, 50Hz


Electrical System


Automatic fermentation control

Joint control of imported brand PLC and 10-inch touch screen

1 Set

1. A special fermentation process that realizes two-stage heating and three-stage cooling;
2. For different beers, different fermentation curves can be preset to meet different fermentation processes.
3. The program can achieve any cooling speed setting within 2-24 hours, so as to prevent freezing in the tank and protect the yeast, and meet the normal progress of the fermentation mechanism.
4. Unattended fermentation process can be realized.
5. The fermentation temperature, time and cycle of each stage can be set and modified arbitrarily.
6. The system capacity meets one fermentation cycle. The system collects and summarizes data every 20 minutes, and can record all data in a fermentation cycle.
7. Traceability.
8. The accuracy error is ±0.3℃.
9. It can realize the remote monitoring operation of mobile phones and computers (devices need to be connected to the Internet).


Q1: What is the brewing capacity of the 100L Beer Brewing Home Microbrewery?

A1: The microbrewery has a brewing capacity of 100 liters, making it suitable for homebrewers who want to produce substantial batches of craft beer in a home setting.


Q2: Why is stainless steel used in the construction of the home microbrewery?

A2: Stainless steel is chosen for its durability, corrosion resistance, and ability to maintain a sanitary brewing environment. These properties ensure the longevity of the equipment and the production of high-quality beer.


Q3: How does the compact design benefit homebrewers?

A3: The compact footprint of the microbrewery optimizes space efficiency, making it ideal for homebrewers with limited space in kitchens, garages, or dedicated brewing areas.


Q4: What is the significance of the conical fermenter in a homebrewing setup?

A4: The conical fermenter's conical shape aids in sediment settling, resulting in clearer beer and improved overall quality, even on a smaller scale.


Q5: How does the home microbrewery handle temperature control during fermentation?

A5: Equipped with advanced temperature control features, the microbrewery allows precise management of fermentation temperatures. This is crucial for achieving desired flavors in the final brew.


Q6: Is the home microbrewery user-friendly for homebrewers of varying experience levels?

A6: Yes, the microbrewery is designed with a user-friendly interface, ensuring accessibility for homebrewers with different levels of experience. Intuitive controls and a straightforward brewing process contribute to a seamless homebrewing experience.


Q7: Can the microbrewery accommodate different beer styles for homebrewing creativity?

A7: Absolutely, the 100L capacity and versatile design of the home microbrewery cater to the diverse creative endeavors of homebrewers. Whether brewing classic ales or experimenting with unique styles, the microbrewery provides flexibility.


Q8: What does it mean to have a turnkey homebrewing solution?

A8: A turnkey solution means that the microbrewery provides homebrewers with all the essential components needed for the brewing process. This includes everything from the brewing vessel to temperature control systems, simplifying the homebrewing experience.


Q9: Can the microbrewery replicate commercial brews at home?

A9: Yes, the microbrewery's versatility allows homebrewers to experiment with replicating favorite commercial brews, giving them the opportunity to hone their skills in replicating various beer styles.


Q10: How does the microbrewery contribute to the joy of homebrewing?

A10: The 100L Beer Brewing Home Microbrewery encapsulates the joy of homebrewing by providing a gateway to a world of endless brewing possibilities. It allows homebrewers to embark on a journey of flavor exploration, creativity, and the satisfaction of crafting brews that reflect personal tastes. Cheers to the art of homebrewing!

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