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Purified water tank

The purified water storage tank manufactured by WEMAC is completely in line with CP2015, EP9.0 and USP40, according to various equipment requirement for purified water storage tank. WEMAC can satisfy various pharmaceutical companies’ requirements for purified water storage tanks. Construction material is 304 and 306L stainless steel. Inner surface mechanical polishing can reach Ra. 0.4. Electro-chemical polishing can reach Ra 0.2. Exterior surface can be made in to mirror, brush, sand blasting treatment, etc. The tank is equipped with sanitary liquid level sensor, spray ball, vent filter and other accessories. With the function of insulation and jacket heating, the insulation material is Glass fiber needle blanket, and the option of positive pressure and negative pressure. Pressure vessel certificate is an optional choice. It has both vertical and horizontal type. The capacity range is from 100L to 20000L. 

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