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Water Purification Equipment

Water Purification Equipment

According to the raw water quality report and the output water quality requirement of the customer, WEMAC can provide customer with a full range of Water Purification Equipment. The purified water or ultra purified water produced by WEMAC equipment can meet the requirements of CP2015, USP39, EP9.0 respectively.

1. Water Purification Equipment modular design and compact structure.

2. Water Purification Equipment uses Hot water sanitization RO membrane and EDI are available to achieve the whole system hot water sanitization.

3. Water Purification Equipment uses Double softeners can achieve series & parallel connection by using the valve group and generation alternatively. Each softener has 100% water supply capacity. The whole process of softener's running, back wash, brine, regeneration and washing can all be controlled by automatic program.

4. Water Purification Equipment uses Feed water pump, 1st stage and 2nd stage high pressure pump are all controlled by frequency. Not only can it achieving filters and softeners running under different pressure control, but also achieving system small circulation water production at low speed within standby time, which can greatly reducing the probability of microbial growth and effectively energy saving.

5. Water Purification Equipment uses a dual supply mode is adopted in terminal water production while producing the qualified water, it will flow into the purified water storage tank through two pipelines; if the produced water is unqualified, the water will flow back to the middle storage tank after circulation from the two pipelines. When the purified water storage tank is fully filled, system will switch to circulation line running automatically to avoid empty pipeline, and to ensure there is no stagnant exist.

6. Water Purification Equipment uses the middle water storage tank as the buffer tank to realize cleaning on-line, no need to use separate cleaning system.

7. Making stainless steel tube directly tensile bending in the pipeline as far as possible, avoid welding.

8. For the connection of the pipeline and the spare parts, use the arc to protect the automatic welding track, to ensure the welding quality.

9. Control system: PLC automatic control technology, can provide a variety of mode of communication, and also can provide control system comply with 21CFR PART11. The automatic control system can meet the requirement of GMPA5.

10. Recording mode: paperless recorder or paper recorder to records the key parameters in real time.

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