What are the components of the water purification system?

Many consumers have limited water perception. Ordinary consumers often equate the purification of water in their homes with the purification of drinking water. They believe that household water purification products sold on the market can be used to solve drinking problems. Other life in the family. Water does not need to be purified. In fact, this understanding is not comprehensive. The daily water consumption of the average family is mostly domestic water, such as brushing, washing, kitchen water, laundry, bathing, household cleaning water, etc. Drinking water accounts for only a small part. Therefore, in order to ensure a healthy water environment, it is necessary to carry out staged purification of the whole house water.

Now more and more businesses are offering customized whole house water purification, so many consumers will ask, what is the whole house water purification system? What is the content of the whole house water purification system? Whole house water purification is a term used in modern water home decoration. It refers to the scientific and rational matching of different types of water treatment products, so as to provide different quality water sources for different water needs of the whole house, namely, water quality. The current family water treatment solution advocated by the market is to adopt the “step purification” approach.

Whole house water purification system

The so-called "step purification" has four layers:

First level: pre-filter. We will treat the whole house water treatment first, and filter the secondary pollution such as rust, sediment and suspended solids, so that the user's household water reaches the standard of the water company.


Second: Central water purifier. For the whole house water purification treatment, effectively remove residual chlorine, heavy metals (such as lead, mercury, arsenic, chromium, etc.), bacteria and impurities, rust, sediment, various organic matter and chemicals in the water, and the water quality is clear after filtration to prevent bacterial invasion. human body.

Central clean water

Third: Central water softener. Remove calcium and magnesium ions from water, soften water quality, prevent scaling and equipment damage caused by scaling, and provide more comfortable domestic water, such as bathing, beauty, etc., effectively saving the amount of detergent, and the clothes are soft and bright after washing.

Central soft water

Fourth: straight drink machine / pure water machine. Remove harmful substances in water, and the quality of effluent water is better than the national direct drinking water quality standard. Ready to drink and avoid secondary pollution.

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