The importance of steam generators in the beer industry

Guests are friends, friends, or business negotiations, all of which are inseparable from wine. Wine is a sensory catalyst for people in modern society. Especially for men, the statement that “the wine table is a brother” reflects this to some extent. The supermarket is full of wines, and the bartenders who have attracted many praises from the bar have made the modern city vividly vivid.

Beer is the most common type of alcohol, and well-known beer brands such as Tsingtao Brewery and Harbin Beer are already well-known. Beer is a kind of alcoholic beverage with low alcohol concentration. It is made from malt, water and hops by yeast fermentation. Due to the low alcohol concentration and simple and healthy raw materials, drinking beer is not easy to intoxicate and a small amount of drinking can promote blood circulation and dampness. The demand for beer by Chinese people is extremely high, but the brewing process requirements for beer are very high. Beer brewing generally has many important links such as gelatinization, saccharification, filtration, fermentation, canning and disinfection. The use of thermal energy in these links, especially the gelatinization and saccharification, requires strict temperature stress. The gelatinization and saccharification process requires the use of hot steam to heat the gelatinization pipe and the saccharification pipe, and the pressure and temperature required for heating are also changed. This change is very difficult by manual adjustment, so it is necessary to use Wine steam generator.

Fresh beer (figure)

The brewing steam generator provides heat and pressure for the gelatinization and saccharification of beer brewing, while the steam generator intelligently adjusts the temperature and pressure to perform these two steps in a coherent manner, saving a lot of time and labor. After the beer gelatinization and saccharification ends, it needs to be heated by a steam generator and sent to the fermenter, which is the fermentation process. Beer fermentation has continuous fermentation and high-concentration dilution fermentation. Different fermentation methods and fermentation conditions will affect the flavor and quality of beer. However, these fermentation methods have the same requirement, that is, the temperature needs to be controlled. Therefore, the steam generator is still required to adjust the temperature and pressure in the fermentation process. After the beer fermentation is completed, the final sterilization and disinfection is required. The steam generator generates high purity of the hot steam, which fully meets the requirements of high temperature sterilization.

Beer production workshop (Figure)

Beer brewing equipment (Figure)

Steam generator for beer brewing (figure)

Almost all of the beer brewing needs to use hot steam. Therefore, the application of steam generator in the beer brewing industry connects the cumbersome links in the brewing process, which makes it more efficient and ensures high efficiency and low cost of beer brewing. demand.

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