Process for manufacturing pure water equipment

Pure water equipment is simply a device that produces pure water. Although pure water equipment technology started late in China, its development is very rapid. With the continuous promotion of this technology, industries such as beverage production will gain more benefits. Pure water equipment is mainly used for the production of drinking water, beverages, food and other fields.

Pure water equipment

Pure water equipment process: raw water - raw water tank - raw water booster pump - quartz sand filter - activated carbon filter - resin softening system - precision filter - reverse osmosis host - ozone sterilizer - pure water tank - filling line.

WEMAC equipment has long been committed to the research and development, manufacturing and engineering of ultra-pure water equipment, deionized water equipment, pharmaceutical purified water equipment, food and drinking water equipment. Some customers have consulted, why the market price of pure water equipment is so different, let us share the factors that affect the price:

First, it is the material type of the stainless steel plate of the equipment itself.

Second, the choice of equipment conventional components and membrane components,

Third, what is the amount of water you need for the equipment, generally calculated according to the output of a single hour.

4. What is the quality of raw water? The raw water quality determines the production process of the equipment.

5. The standard that the equipment needs to meet the production water. This standard and the raw water quality determine the process of the equipment, thus determining the price of the equipment.

Ultrapure water equipment configuration

Ultra-pure water equipment uses pretreatment, reverse osmosis technology, ultra-purification treatment and post-treatment methods to remove the conductive medium in water almost completely, and remove the colloidal substances, gases and organic substances that are not dissociated in water to a very low level. Water treatment equipment. Let's take a look at what its configuration is.

Ultrapure water equipment

Ultra pure water equipment configuration:

1. Water inlet device;

2, SUM filter;

3. CTO filter;

4, 1 UM filter;

5. Reverse osmosis membrane filter;

6, booster pump;

7. Online monitoring instruments;

8, intelligent control system;

9, precision filter;

10, stainless steel chassis and internal connector accessories;

11, PE pipeline;

12. Installation tools and instructions;

Pure water equipment common problem detection

Pure water equipment is a new type of domestic water treatment equipment, which has been favored by more and more consumers since its introduction. Pure water equipment uses the reverse osmosis technology of the United States. It works by applying a certain pressure to the water and using the separation characteristics of the reverse osmosis membrane to strictly separate the permeated pure water from the impermeable bacteria and viruses. . Wuxi Meijing Water Treatment Equipment Co., Ltd. has been engaged in the research and development and manufacture of various water treatment equipments such as pure water equipment and medical purified water equipment, and has decades of experience. Today, Meijing's Xiaobian is here to explain the detection methods of common problems in the use of pure water equipment.

When the pure water equipment is not working, check whether the low-voltage switch wiring plug is disconnected or malfunctioning; whether the connection line of each terminal is disconnected; check if the tap water pressure is too low, causing the low-voltage switch not to work.

When water leaks near the pipe joint, check whether the PE pipe head is flat, whether the pipe plug is in place, and whether the screw is tightened.

6 tons ultrapure water equipment

When there is abnormal noise during the operation of the pure water equipment, check whether the check valve is malfunctioning or aging, and whether the high pressure pump has a quality problem.

When the water production capacity of the pure water equipment is too small, it can be checked whether the water pump pressure is in place, whether the waste water valve or the wastewater proportional device is too conductive, and whether the water temperature is too low.

When the pure water produced by the pure water equipment has a bad mouthfeel or odor, check whether the reverse osmosis membrane has a filter effect, whether it is invalid; whether there is crack in the pure water and waste end of the membrane shell; whether the end of the reverse osmosis membrane rubber ring is damaged; Whether the action of activated carbon is invalid.

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