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How to maintain beer equipment? Greatly extend the service life of beer equipment

With the rise of the craft beer market, more and more people have entered the craft beer industry. After purchasing beer equipment, I do not know how to maintain and maintain beer equipment. Today, Zhengzhou Great Emperor Technology Editor will explain to you the daily maintenance and maintenance of beer equipment to extend the service life of your beer equipment.

Routine maintenance of beer equipment

1. The beer equipment will not be used for a long time. It is necessary to thoroughly clean the beer equipment before it is shut down. After the water flow is clear, close the valves and block the valve ports with sterile cotton.

If the beer equipment needs to be reactivated after a long period of non-use, please clean the beer equipment thoroughly.

2. Beer equipment needs to regularly check the wiring and grounding of each motor and pump; regularly add lubricating oil to the motor according to the instructions; the pump should not be idling or reversing. If the pump is found to be leaking, replace the pump seal in time.

3. Regularly check whether there is foreign matter in the crusher hopper; check whether the fasteners of the crusher are loose; the elasticity of the transmission belt of the crusher and the safety of the safety protection device; regularly clean the grinding roller of the crusher.

4. When filtering, it is forbidden to extract wort with large flow, which will damage the sieve plate. When the beer equipment is not in use, no weight should be placed on the sieve plate, causing the sieve plate to deform.

5. Check the valves of all pipelines at any time and timely repair or replace if there is any leakage.

6. When the beer equipment is shut down for maintenance, the power shall be cut off and warning signs shall be hung.

7. Frequently check the indication of the electronic temperature meter. When correcting the temperature, use a thermometer to calibrate the temperature to ensure the accuracy of the process parameters.

Common electrical equipment faults and elimination methods for beer equipment

1. The motor breaker automatically trips: check whether the motor is overloaded and grounded.

2. The surface of the power wire connector is overheated and discolored: handle the terminal and tighten the wiring.

3. The motor cannot start: check whether the motor protector is operating and whether the power supply is normal.

4. The temperature controller indicates abnormality: whether the parameter setting is correct. Check whether the wiring is loose or broken, and reconnect the wires.

5. The temperature is not controlled: check whether the water valve is operating and the pipeline is blocked.

These are the methods of beer equipment maintenance and maintenance we have sorted out. They are some common small problems that everyone can solve by themselves. If you encounter more difficult problems, or leave comments, please solve them as soon as possible.

6. How to solve the problem that the fermentor display temperature is lower than the set temperature?

  If the temperature displayed by the fermentor is lower than the set temperature, don't worry, first check the temperature control settings for errors, pay attention not to have a negative sign, and do not set the temperature setting to a negative number.

7. When filtering, the sight glass is turbid and there are large particles such as wheat husk, but what should I do if the flow rate is very fast?

  (1) Reasons:

   It may be that the grate in the filter pot is not placed properly, there is a gap with the barrel wall, or the grate is damaged, causing some wheat husks and large particles to flow directly into the mashing pot without being filtered by the grate.

  (2) Solution:

    Filter the muddy wort that has been filtered down again until the filter sight glass is clear without turbidity and wheat hulls.

8. How to solve the problem that the temperature of the fermentor does not decrease?

  (1) Check the circuit to see if the compressor is operating normally.

  (2) Check whether the compressor lacks freon and see if it needs to be added.

  (3) Check whether the filter is clogged and whether the filter needs to be replaced.

9. If there is a sudden power outage in the use of self-brewed beer equipment, how should the mash being processed be processed?

(1) After power failure, it may happen that the stirring motor cannot be started. If it is not stirred for a long time, the mash will deposit, which will stick to the surface of the heating layer and affect the heating. At this time, manpower should be organized to use clean wood pulp and wooden boards for stirring, but it should be noted that the power of the stirring motor should be cut off first to prevent accidents after the call.


  (2) Another method is to use direct steam heating, that is, use a long tube with a porous spherical end, connect the clean steam with an industry, academia and research, and put the porous spherical into the mash, when the steam comes from the small hole , Which not only played a stirring role, but also played a heating role.

The details to pay attention to when purchasing craft beer equipment

1. Saccharification configuration

   a. At present, the brewing equipment of the hotel bar is mainly based on two space-saving devices, that is, one saccharification filter and one boil-spin. If the budget is slightly acceptable, it is recommended to put on three appliances: add a hot water pot to facilitate washing. The proportion of the hot water boiler should be 60% of the volume of the saccharification boiler. If there is no problem with the budget, it is recommended that the hot water pot in the three appliances be directly changed to a boiling pot, so that the boiling pot can be used as hot water or boiling, and it is easy to brew 2-3 pots of wine a day.

   b. If your budget can be met, it is recommended to add a hop addition filter tank, which can filter the hops to prevent the blockage of the heat exchanger, and can add hot hops to improve the hop aroma of the fermentation broth. At present, the European and American popular hop hot addition tanks.

   c. The filter tanks of domestic craft brewing equipment are almost all cone-bottomed, which is convenient for processing and low in cost, but the wort recovery rate is also low. The best design is flat-bottomed (slightly more expensive, local tyrants are free). The filter tank is fast, but the wort yield is higher. At the same time, it is equipped with a detachable sieve plate. After each brewing, the sieve plate is taken out and washed to dry. Winemakers in Europe and the United States often dismantle and wash the grid, because the grid is covered with a place that is easy to hide dirt, which is usually not seen, and in the summer, it will breed bacteria and cause odor. Domestic winemakers basically do not take apart and wash, because some manufacturers design inconvenient disassembly, so it is soaked in water, this is a lazy approach!

   d. It is necessary to clean the spray tank of the filter tank, which is not equipped by most manufacturers. This requirement requires that, when hot water is washed, the spray tank is directly sprayed through the pump and the pipeline to facilitate the spraying of the tank, which is convenient and safe. If there is no spray coil, you can only manually wash the scum, and spray the scum with the hose by yourself. It is also very troublesome to say the danger.

   e. The heating method of the boiling pot is very important. The best choice for steam heating. The steam heating surface is even and the wort color is not too dark. If the electric heating tube is heated, it will be a lot of trouble. First, the electric heating tube is easy to burn. Not easy to clean. European and American customers like direct heating of natural gas, which is also very good, energy saving! Domestic gas supply pipelines in hotels and bars are considered for civilian use, and the gas supply and air pressure are low, so it is generally difficult to meet the needs of natural gas burners.

2. Fermentation tank

   a. If the local tyrant, then side manhole or manhole, mechanical pressure regulator valve, breathing valve, sampling valve, laser welding jacket, hop dry injection port, etc., please feel free to match. If the budget is limited, at least the manufacturer needs to add the hop dry inlet and sampling valve.

   b. The most important thing is the material and thickness of the plate. The working pressure of the fermentation tank exceeds 1bar, which should belong to the category of pressure vessel. At the same time, the temperature generated during use is too high, too low, the pressure is too high, and the acid and alkali will cause steel plate fatigue and affect The service life of the fermentor. The thickness of the liner of the equipment above 500L cannot be less than 3 mm (the effective thickness after polishing is 2.7 mm), the thickness of the ice water jacket is 1.5 mm, and the thickness of the outsourcing is 1.5 mm-2 mm. I heard some friends say that one year later, the fermentation tank leaked ice water or wine. In fact, the manufacturer did not use steel plates of sufficient thickness, or the welding workers were too poor, and the welding oxidation was serious.

3. Refrigerator

  The refrigeration machine is much more important than the boiler. The preservation of all craft beer is inseparable from the low temperature, especially the Lager beer needs low temperature. Once the refrigeration problem occurs, the temperature of all beer will increase, which will seriously affect the quality of the beer. Therefore, the manufacturer's after-sales service is required to be timely. It is best to have offices around the place and arrive within 4 hours, otherwise everything is too late. If the local tyrants, it is recommended to buy 2 refrigerators, one spare!

4. Boiler

  Boilers are currently standard products with relatively stable quality. Large brands are recommended. At the same time, the use of boilers must be equipped with softened water equipment, otherwise the scale in the boiler will be full in a few months, which will seriously affect safety.

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