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How to choose home brewing and commercial beer equipment?

How to choose beer equipment as a starter of craft beer?

In 2020, the new coronavirus swept the world, which brought a huge crisis to the catering industry. Consumers in various countries have to stay at home with their families. But how many people can resist the temptation of beer? Is there any way to drink fresh and delicious beer at home? In areas where the epidemic is not serious, if there is a place near home where you can drink craft beer, it will be too happy.

Of course, beer brewing needs professional beer equipment. In the face of a variety of beer brewing equipment, how should we choose?

With the development of China's beer industry, people's taste of beer is changing from industrial beer to home brewed beer and craft beer. Craft beer has won the favor of many beer lovers for its freshness, nutrition and pure taste. Now more and more beer lovers and operators have found this business opportunity and invested in the craft beer industry. If you want to make a good quality beer, the first step is to choose the brewing equipment. The quality of the equipment directly determines the quality of the beer produced, and determines the cost, operation cost and service life of the product. Therefore, it is an important link to select a guaranteed manufacturer and ensure the quality of the equipment. The equipment is for technical service and must meet the process requirements. In other words, beer equipment should be designed according to the type, output and production technology of beer. So as a craft beer, how to choose beer equipment?

1. Look at the material of beer equipment: the inner tank of craft beer equipment must be made of food grade 304 stainless steel, because brewing will come into contact with water, so as to prevent the inner tank from rusting and affecting the taste of beer. Beer equipment manufacturers should have a mature welding process to ensure that the tank body does not leak air and water. At the same time, the welding should be smooth, so as to avoid the difficulty of cleaning, unclean cleaning and bacteria breeding. Good quality pipes should also be used between the pipes, so that the service life of the equipment is long.

2、  Look at the strength of the manufacturer: it's better to visit the manufacturer to see if the manufacturer has its own production site and whether it has the production capacity. In this way, if there is a problem with the quality assurance period equipment, the after-sales service can be guaranteed, and it can be returned to the factory for repair, because there is more than one layer inside the beer equipment. If there is air leakage and water leakage, it can't be repaired locally and needs to be returned to the factory for profit Professional tools are used for maintenance, so it may be difficult for manufacturers who do not have the production strength to carry out maintenance, and the after-sales service can not be guaranteed.

3. Look at the services that can be provided: as a Craft Brewery, we must ask what services the beer equipment manufacturers can provide, because craft beer belongs to an emerging niche industry, many of which are difficult to deal with. For example, what can we do if we can't make wine? Sources of beer ingredients? Store operation mode, packaging and so on, all of which need the help of manufacturers.

How to choose home brewed beer equipment?

Beer has become a very important drink in people's life. Baidu can't live without it in the reunion days of classmates, friends and festivals. Especially in the hot summer, it is very comfortable to sit in the yard, drink a cool beer, eat a small dish, and enjoy the breeze. Craft beer equipment is a kind of equipment used to produce and brew beer. It is simple to operate and easy to produce. It is a business option selected by many entrepreneurs. A kind of

The acceptance of craft beer in the first and second tier cities is very high. But for the third and fourth tier cities, most people may not have heard of it, but this still does not affect the development of craft beer. There are still many people willing to join the craft beer industry. And everyone in the choice of craft beer equipment, will consider for a long time. After all, it should be used for a long time. The quality, operability and size of beer equipment should be considered. A kind of

A kind of

Craft beer is still in its infancy in China, some focus on personal hobbies and like home brewing

To make money, like business wine. Whether it's personal hobbies or business. The quality of craft beer mainly depends on equipment, raw materials and brewing technology. Selecting suitable and reliable brewing equipment is the premise of brewing high quality beer. Everyone has different personal preferences for the equipment, and some requirements for the equipment are also different. There are many domestic manufacturers, some of which are professional manufacturers, and some are not. I think it is better to choose the manufacturers specializing in the production of beer equipment. The selection of manufacturers still depends on the strength, reputation and cost performance of products. 

How to choose beer equipment correctly? Share your own experience of buying equipment: don't be confused by low price, but it's not that the higher the price, the better the quality. The basic principle of beer equipment is the same, but the specific configuration is different in some functions. Some equipment is reasonable in design, high in automation, time-saving and labor-saving in starting beer, and the quality of liquor is stable. In order to reduce the cost of some equipment, cutting corners on materials, the operation process is cumbersome when making wine, which wastes manpower and material resources, so it is difficult to guarantee the quality of wine products. The equipment mainly depends on the material, workmanship and functional completeness. In addition, depending on the individual purchasing capacity, high configuration can be considered if you have money. After all, higher configuration will save time and effort in the operation process. In addition, the quality of wine is easier to control. Among them, the inner liner must be made of 304 stainless steel, and the inner liner with 201 will not work, and there will be problems in half a year. 

If you don't know how to brew, it's better to choose a simple and practical manufacturer with good service. Equipment selection

According to their own, look at the cost performance, looking for the quality and reputation of manufacturers. On the premise of ensuring the quality, the cost performance ratio is one, that is, the same price depends on the configuration, the same configuration depends on the price, and the same configuration and price depends on the production process. If there is a quality problem with the equipment, we don't want it for free. However, high price does not mean high quality. It is safe to conduct more investigations and make more comparisons.


How to choose commercial beer equipment?

The selection of beer equipment from the output is one of the factors.

The selection of beer equipment from the output is one of the factors. As the commercial beer equipment is the most popular equipment, the following will explain the types and materials of commercial beer equipment.

How to choose commercial beer equipment

The volume of commercial beer equipment commonly used in the market is 500L. This kind of beer equipment can be divided into two types: one is two pots and three utensils, that is, German type equipment or American type equipment; the other is an all-in-one machine, which is composed of saccharification tank and fermentation tank, so it is also called "one drag several".

How to choose commercial beer equipment is an easy problem to solve

Beer brewing two pots and three utensils: this kind of beer equipment covers a large area and is difficult to operate, so it is not suitable for friends who are just engaged in craft beer.

How to choose commercial beer equipment, we must not cut corners

Beer brewing machine: this kind of beer equipment covers a small area, is easy to operate and saves cost. It is suitable for those who are just engaged in the craft beer industry and are short of money. This beer equipment is also the most widely used beer equipment on the market, and even friends in Europe and America use this beer equipment.

There are many styles and models of beer equipment, but the material must be food grade stainless steel, because the wort is acidic, the food grade stainless steel has strong acid resistance and is not easy to corrode and rust

How to choose commercial beer equipment

That's how to choose beer equipment.

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