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How to calculate the output of DIY 500Lbeer brewing equipment?

How to calculate the output of DIY 500Lbeer brewing equipment

Although we are still unfamiliar with beer equipment, we all know that it is used to produce beer, most of which are used in beer production enterprises or small beer workshops. According to the output of beer equipment, there are many types of beer equipment, such as small beer equipment, craft beer equipment and self brewing beer equipment. How to calculate the output of self brewed beer equipment? Let's learn about it together.

Daily 500 L fermentor effective volume 500 l? Or 500 liters a day? This is a misunderstanding. There are beer equipment manufacturers in the market with a daily output of 500 liters of beer fermentation tanks. As a result, beer fermentation is mature. After 1-2 yeast discharge, about 450 liters, or even less, remain.

Technical parameters of self brewing beer equipment

So why does the daily 500 liter beer fermentor fail to produce 500 liters of yeast after 1-2 times of fermentation? In the normal design, the capacity of daily 500 liter equipment should be greater than 500 liters. For example, the total volume of the 500 liter fermentation tank should be set at 605l, and the liquor capacity should be 530 liters when fermenting in the fermentation tank. The remaining dozens of liters of wine should be left for fermentation. Yeast should be patted during the fermentation process to mature, and about 8-10 liters should be discharged at a time. After the fermentation is mature, the remaining 500 ± 5 liters of wine will be left.

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