Brewing: How to choose beer equipment?

How to choose beer equipment? This is a question that many people will ask about street brewing. In fact, the answer to this question is around the person who asked the question, but he did not notice it. Here, the street beer brews share the answers that everyone wants.

Choose your own beer equipment for restaurants, bars, barbecues, etc.

If you have your own storefront and want to have the characteristics of your own storefront, how to choose when adding beer equipment? Most of the beer equipment used today is a few beer equipment. That is to say, how many fermenters should be bought by adding a plurality of fermenters from a saccharification tank? Let's take the beer equipment of Zhengzhou Dadi Technology as an example. Its beer equipment is commercial type, generally 500L capacity. How many fermenters to choose, first look at the daily sales of beer in your store. For example, if your store sells 260 pounds of beer a day, then when you choose beer equipment, you need to choose 3 fermenters in order not to be served. Everyone will think that I am talking about it, let me calculate it for you.

The capacity of beer equipment is already known, it is 500L. Let's assume that there are beer in the three fermenters. In a few days, one can of beer is sold out. In order to keep the goods, we need to start brewing beer. The fermentation cycle of a can of craft beer is about one week, which means that the remaining two cans of craft beer take seven days. The actual fermented amount of a can of craft beer is about 900 kg, and the two cans are 1800 kg. For seven days, the daily sales are: 1800 ÷ 7 = 257 This is exactly the amount of beer sold in your store one day. So according to this algorithm, everyone knows how to choose when choosing beer equipment.

Friends who do not have a storefront beer equipment are selected as follows:

If there is no other business, but want to enter the craft beer industry, how to choose beer equipment is very important, how to choose? This requires you to know more about the market. You can see if there is a local store that is making craft beer. If so, what is the sales volume? If not, look at the sales of local industrial beer and the consumption level of the public. After these investigations, which model do you want to operate, and then decide to choose beer equipment based on your own funds. If the business in the store is good in the later stage, you can consider adding a fermenter.

Of course, if you want to make a variety of flavors of craft beer, the required fermenter will increase accordingly. The specific situation still depends on the local public's favorite, after all, the customer is God! How to choose beer equipment, the key is still based on their own circumstances.

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