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Best brewery equipment list

1,1000L beer brewing equipment

WEMAC is a professional equipment design and manufacturing enterprise with more than 60 years history. It has above 500 employees among which there are around 200 high tech engineers that get master’s degree and bachelor’s degree. These talented people are designated to different department to play an important role in company’s development.

The mash system operation platform has feet adjustment for easy installation and adjustment. The pipes are automatically welded.

In the equipment pipeline, the saccharification system has a wort balance tank to protect the filter sieve plate, which is convenient for testing the filtration quality.

The boiling outer heater in the middle and behind is independently developed to improve the boiling efficiency and save energy and reduce consumption.

2,beer brewing equipmeng for sale china factory 

Boiled wort by steam heating is a commonly used method today. Although boiling with superheated water at 160-170 ° C can save the heat loss caused by steam condensation, this device requires a larger diameter heating tube and consumes more energy than steam Much more, sports, heat transfer is not as good as steam, has been rarely used. 
  The volume of the boiling pot is generally determined according to the volume of 800-900L per 100kg of malt, plus 25-30% of the activity space.

3,5 bbl brewhouse for sale 4 bbl brewing system

The optimal configuration of the 3BBL beer equipment is as follows:

 (1) Mash system: two vessels (3BBL mash kettle tun, 3BBL lauter whirlpool) 

 (2) Fermentation system: 3BBL fermenter * 6 

 (3) Refrigeration system: 6BBL ice water tank, 3HP1 chiller, 3 squares of wort cooling plate heat exchanger 

 (4) 1 mobile cleaning car 

 (5) Control system: instrument digital display control cabinet 

 (6) Malt miller

WEMAC produce 3bbl,4bbl and 5bbl brewing system.With good quality and top confriguration.Craft beer equipment consists of: 
(1) Water treatment equipment (2) Crusher (3) Mash system (4) Fermentation system (5) Refrigeration system (6) Control system (7) Cleaning system (8) Filtration system (9) Filling system

4,Copper beer brewing equipment manufacturers 

WEMAC produces beer brewing equipment of different appearances. As we all know, most beer brewery system is made of stainless steel material both in inner part and outer surface. But some beer brewing tanks are made of cooper or brass in outer tank surface. This makes the brewing tank looks special and beautiful. Some people really love this style. So we provide customized service for these customers. We make beer tanks according to customers’ demand and taste. We offer different styles of appearances, such as red copper, brass, stainless steel, and part copper with part stainless steel. We also make colorful tanks for customers.

5,500L craft beer making equipment for sale

Yeast is released into beer during fermentation .Produces a series of metabolites, 
There will be further reactions between substances, Quantity and composition of by-products of different beers ,Make a huge difference. Fermentation by-products on beer quality The amount is significant, so yeast metabolism and fermentation 
The formation and decomposition of by-products must be linked stay. Although fermentation by-products are treated separately here .A chapter to discuss but must understand as brewing what Ren should do is try to use the most reasonable

6,Turnkey microbrewery equipment Chinese supplier

The company specializes in producing craft beer equipment. Craft beer equipment is a leader in our product range and is a top seller in the local market. The company has established a stable and strict production management system for craft brewing equipment. First, we adjusted high-quality low-carbon stainless steel as the main material of the tank. We also use instruments, valves and components from top brands to ensure the accuracy and stability of the entire craft beer equipment performance. Second, after more than 60 years of manufacturing history, it has accumulated rich experience and mature manufacturing capabilities, and has produced a large number of process kettle brewing equipment for various restaurants and restaurants. Third, we have a professional team of beer industry experts and engineers. And cooperate with well-known experts in the domestic beer industry to improve the design standards and craft beer system configuration. These advantages make WEMAC devices unique. Our craft beer equipment is always better, stronger and fuller. In long-term beer production, it works better and has fewer problems.

7,Commercial brewery setup and system Chinese manufacturer

Commercial brewing equipment is an ideal equipment for hotels, restaurants, bars and other catering and entertainment venues to brew and sell craft beer on their own. Its equipment saccharification capacity is generally less than 5KL / batch or less than 1500KL per year, and beer production does not add substitutes for malt (such as rice, corn, starch, etc.) for the purpose of saving raw material costs. Generally, commercial brewing is used. The equipment also includes a wine sales system. The wine sales system includes wine sales tanks, wine heads, wine columns and other equipment. The wine sales tanks come with a cooling function, occupy a small area and are easy to move. Wine columns are available in a variety of forms, including copper and ceramic lamps. Selection, it also has a decorative role in the convenience of wine sales.

8,100 gallon stainless steel fermenter industrial fermentation tank manufacturer

We are a professional manufacturer of commercial brewing equipment. Our beer equipment factory has 60 years of experience and history in this field. We produce commercial brewing POTS of different types and sizes for breweries, breweries, restaurants and related establishments. We can make German, American and customized changes to beer mud barrels and kettles. The normal production capacity of beer saccharification system is 200l~1500l, mainly composed of 2 cans and 3 cans of saccharification. Typically, the saccharification system is equipped with six to eight fermentation ferments. We also produce a variety of supporting brewing equipment, including water purification system, CIP equipment, storage tank, hops feed tank, filtration equipment. We can make different styles of pot surface, such as brush, matte, mirror, copper, wood and so on. Customers can find the most suitable commercial beer bottles in our manufacturing plant.

9,China pilot brewing system manufacturer

Wemac is a professional brewery pilot equipment manufacturer in China. We have more than 60 years of experience in brewing equipment manufacturing. We provide high quality brewing equipment for schools, colleges, laboratories, breweries, restaurants and related places. We have our own mature design. We can also make 3 containers and 2 containers of German and American brewery malt pulp barrels. In addition to the brewing mash system and fermentation system, a series of supporting equipment such as pasteurization system, CIP system, water purification system, filtration system, hops tank, open tank, yeast propagation system, control system and pipeline are also produced. We can provide customers with complete trial production system and turnkey engineering solutions. All of our brewing systems are efficient and stable in performance. They are also very easy to operate and maintain.

10,China restaurant beer brewhouse equipment manufacturer

Wemac is a professional brewery equipment and restaurant brewing equipment manufacturer. We have more than 60 years of equipment manufacturing history and knowledge. We provide mature and effective brewing equipment for restaurants, beer bars, breweries and other owners. Our products range from 200L to 1500L to meet different production and quantity requirements. We choose 304 stainless steel as the main material. We also adjust the most stable and well-known valves and main control components to ensure the good performance of our restaurant brewing equipment. Our experienced technicians ensure the quality of processing and processing. Wemac equipment is in the leading position in the Chinese market, and we will continue to work hard to serve customers around the world.

11,CIP brewing and CIP system for beer WEMAC

CIP system is the equipment that can clean and sanitize production equipment in beer, food, beverage and other fields. Complete CIP system is mainly composed of cleaning and washing pump, hot water tank, sterilization tank, sterile water tank, acid tank, alkali liquid tank and other relative devices. CIP equipment’s selection should be according to specific usage and field, also according to production volume and space. For microbrewery beer equipment, small scale CIP system is needed and it should have several main units such as sanitary washing pump, alkali tank, sterilization water tank, controlling system and pipes. Small CIP cart is also acceptable for small brewery equipment. For large beer brewing equipment such as beer plant and big brewhouse, a relatively complete CIP system is very necessary. It should include the main equipment of sanitary cleaning pumps, hot water tank, sterilization water tank, purified water tan, acid tank, alkali tank and relative controlling system and pipes.

12,Keg automatic beer filling machine WEMAC

SIEMENS S7-200 control unit is adopted for automatic control of all processes. Washing, disinfecting and CO2 pressure preparation will be automatically finished.
Caustic can be recycled
Adopt pneumatic angle vale combination to ensure a safe work.
Structural frame, working station, pipeline and valves are all by stainless steel, all pipelines and pneumatic system are all closed cycle. Beautiful looking and stable performance.

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