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3000L 30HL Beer brewery equipment Canadian distributor ZXF

  • * Processing : Fermenting Equipment, Beer Brewing
  • * Brand : WEMAC
  • * Condition : New
  • * Material : SUS 304 316
  • * Place of Origin : Weifang, China (Mainland)
  • * Control system : AUTO/MANUAL
  • * Warranty : Within 24 months against the date of B/L
  • * Voltage: : To Be Determined (220V/ 380V/ 415V)
Professional beer machinery, fermentation and brewing system equipment production and supply, looking for partners worldwide, low investment and stable income, the highest equipment cost performance, professional technical services to provide you with the best equipment.

3000L 30HL Beer brewery equipment Canadian distributor

WEMAC beer equipment manufacturer is a well-known domestic beer production equipment, with more that 60 years of experience in the industry, specializing in the production of micro beer production equipment, small and medium-sized brewery equipment. The product specifications are complete and there are many types. 

factory-beer making product-beer fermenter-beer fermentation tanks-brewhouse.jpg

A variety of beer production equipment can be tailored according to customer requirements, which can meet the requirements of customers at different levels to a greater extent. The main equipment encountered in the beer production process includes, mash system, fermentation system , cooling system, control system and filling system. At the same time, beer equipment manufacturers train brand new brewing technology. 

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SUS304 material,the thickness of inner shell is 3MM,thicker than other manufacturer,outer cylinder 2mm,Ice water circulation heat preservation and cooling. A variety of flat-bottomed cone-bottom are available.

brewhouse manufacturer-beer making equipment-beer brewing machine.jpg

The top cover is equipped with heat preservation, and the top manhole glass sight glass. The fermentation tank is equipped with a temperature sensor to automatically control the temperature, and the temperature error accuracy does not exceed 0.5°C.

beer tank-beer brewhouse-beer brewery-brewing system.jpg

Our beer equipment is the introduction of traditional German brewing technology, combined with national conditions for many years of improvement, making the original complicated and cumbersome operation method simple, producing pure nutritious fresh brew beer without filtering and high temperature, thus retaining the unique characteristics of beer The mellow taste and nutritional ingredients, the brewing cycle only needs 8-20 days, provides employment opportunities and opportunities for small and medium investors, and is suitable for individuals, collectives, and enterprises to invest in the construction of small breweries, draft beer plants, bars, beer houses, etc.

We are looking for equipment distributors in Canada. If you are interested in establishing a local brewery or distributing beer brewing systems, we promise to provide you with complete after-sales service guarantee for equipment consultation, design, production, installation and commissioning, and training.


1. What is the 3000L (30HL) Beer Brewery Equipment?

The 3000L (30HL) Beer Brewery Equipment is a comprehensive brewing system designed for commercial breweries, offering a production capacity of 3000 liters (30 hectoliters) per batch.

2. What does the equipment include?

The equipment includes various components such as mash tun, brew kettle, fermenters, conditioning tanks, glycol cooling system, control panel, and more. It's a complete setup for brewing, fermenting, and conditioning beer.

3. Is the equipment suitable for craft breweries in Canada?

Absolutely. Our 3000L Beer Brewery Equipment is designed to cater to the needs of craft breweries in Canada, providing a versatile and efficient solution for producing high-quality craft beer.

4. What are the key advantages of this equipment?

Large Batch Production: With a capacity of 3000 liters, it's ideal for medium to large-scale brewing.

Customization: The equipment can be tailored to your specific requirements, including design, configuration, and branding.

Quality Construction: Crafted from premium materials, it ensures durability and long-lasting performance.

Efficient Operation: Equipped with advanced features for precise temperature control and brewing consistency.

5. Can I brew different styles of beer with this equipment?

Yes, the versatility of the equipment allows you to brew a wide range of beer styles, from ales to lagers and specialty brews.

6. How to become your distributor in Canada?

Contact us, we will have a dedicated staff to communicate with you about this matter.

7. Is technical support available for the equipment?

Yes, our technical support team is available to assist you with any inquiries, troubleshooting, and guidance you may need during installation, operation, and maintenance.

8. Does the equipment meet industry standards and regulations?

Absolutely. Our 3000L Beer Brewery Equipment is designed and manufactured to meet or exceed industry standards and safety regulations, ensuring compliance and quality.

9. What is the lead time for delivery?

Lead times may vary based on your location and specific requirements. Our Canadian distributor will provide you with estimated delivery times based on your order.

10. How can this equipment benefit my brewery business in Canada?

The 3000L Beer Brewery Equipment can enhance your brewery's production capacity, efficiency, and quality, allowing you to meet growing demand and deliver exceptional craft beer to your customers.

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