Small scale brewing systems and microbrewery plant cost

  • * Processing : Fermenting Equipment, Beer Brewing
  • * Brand : WEMAC
  • * Condition : New
  • * Material : SUS 304 316
  • * Size : To Be Determined
  • * Place of Origin : Weifang, China (Mainland)
  • * Control system : AUTO/MANUAL
  • * Warranty : Within 24 months against the date of B/L
  • * Voltage: : To Be Determined (220V/ 380V/ 415V)
Micro beer brewing equipment refers to the nano beer brewing equipment applied to the production of small beer. This equipment is usually used in brewing room and beer bar, but also in relative business places, such as restaurants, clubs, shopping malls, shops, etc. The production capacity of micro beer brewing equipment is generally below 500L, some of which are larger, between 500L and 2000L. The equipment is usually equipped with an integrated beer mash barrel with 3-5 beer fermentation tanks. Some larger units are equipped with a 2-Container malt pulp system or a 3-container malt pulp system, as well as several beer fermentation tanks. The miniaturized beer brewing system developed by wemac company with mobile framework platform is the best choice for these devices. Integrated structure, easy to operate, without installation.

Small scale brewing systems and microbrewery plant cost 


Wemac micro beer brewing system has been warmly welcomed by buyers from all over the world. It has great advantages under the actual working conditions. It saves buyers a lot of effort because the system is fully installed and connected to the framework platform already. The buyer does not need to deal with any installation issues. It can also move on wheels. Buyers can put it anywhere they want. If they want, they can easily move it to another place. The micro beer brewing equipment is also provided with a cooling water tank for temperature regulation in the brewing process.

The micro beer equipment consists of two beer tanks, three beer fermentation tanks and one cooling water tank. Foreign buyers scrutinized the details of all the major structures and equipment they needed. They are very satisfied with the structure design and precision technology of the equipment. Finally, they confirmed that our equipment is better in terms of overall materials, manufacturing process, valves and instruments. We use international popular brands and domestic top brands of parts and valves to make our equipment run better and more stable in production. The buyers are very satisfied with this, because they are really tired of solving various problems in the beer production process and replacing parts.

Foreign customers are also very satisfied with Widmark modern brewery. Our factory has all the machines needed to make beer equipment. Such as stamping, machining, welding, polishing, testing machinery, etc. We also have advanced automatic welding machine to make the appearance of beer equipment more beautiful. The weld is more smooth, stable and even. After visiting the factory, the buyer said that they have confidence in our machines and equipment.

Foreign customers also pay attention to the data and standards of our equipment. They carefully checked and communicated with our technicians on specific issues, such as the model of stainless steel, the thickness and finish of tank and pipeline, etc. At last they confirmed that our equipment is made of solid materials. Our equipment is thicker and heavier than others. They also checked the valve, instrument and instrument brands and were satisfied with the results. Our parts are really made up of famous brands all over the world. All data are reliable and traceable.

The buyer finally signed a long-term purchase contract with us. We also discussed and confirmed the general terms of agency. They bought Mini beer brewing equipment, and we arranged the way of transportation.

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