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Complete brewing system design professional manufacturing and production experts UK

  • * Processing : Fermenting Equipment, Beer Brewing
  • * Brand : WEMAC
  • * Condition : New
  • * Material : SUS 304 316
  • * Size : customized
  • * Place of Origin : Weifang, China (Mainland)
  • * Control system : AUTO/MANUAL
  • * Warranty : Within 24 months against the date of B/L
  • * Voltage: : To Be Determined (220V/ 380V/ 415V)
We provide a complete brewing system design scheme. We have advanced technology, design, manufacture and after-sales one-stop service.We are a professional manufacturer of complete brewery system. We are high-tech Complete brewing system manufacturers in China. We strictly control complete brewing system quality, professional manufacturing and production experts high-quality service and the most favorable price, and receive good praise from home and abroad.

Complete brewing system design professional manufacturing and production experts -WEMAC brewery equipment.

Are you still worried about finding a suitable complete brewing system in UK?

What models do you use? What is the output? What is the process flow? Then we need to find the most professional person to choose complete brewing system. We strive for perfection in every product and make the best design scheme for your complete beer brewing  equipmen according to your requirements. The most professional people do the most professional things, we are the most professional beer equipment. We will make a complete set of programs for you, from design, calculation, manufacturing, quality inspection, after-sales and a series of programs.We design the most professional a complete brewing system for you in UKWEMAC is the most professional manufacturing and produce a complete brewing system experts.

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Mash tank features

1. The mash tank boasts an integrated design, featuring a distinct internal structure that is cleverly divided into upper and lower layers, each serving specific functions to optimize the brewing process. In the upper layer, innovative filtering and spinning mechanisms come to life, working seamlessly to refine the brewing mixture. Simultaneously, the lower layer takes on the vital roles of saccharification and boiling, playing a crucial part in the transformation of raw ingredients into the desired brew. Furthermore, this dynamic design also encompasses a cooling function, ensuring a controlled and efficient cooling process that contributes to the overall excellence of the brewing experience.

2. The saccharification and boiling phases are seamlessly managed through a meticulously engineered system that revolves around a sanitary wort pump. This innovative setup not only streamlines the circulation and stirring of the brewing process but also eliminates the need for additional cultivators, thus yielding significant cost savings. Furthermore, this design contributes to the tank's remarkable ease of cleaning, minimizing the efforts and resources required for maintenance. This dual advantage, of both cost-efficiency and simplified maintenance, translates to substantial labor cost savings, making it an intelligently designed and efficient solution for brewing operations.

3. The integrated tank has been thoughtfully designed to accommodate a wort output range of 100 to 1000 liters, providing a versatile solution that caters to varying production needs. This adaptability is further enhanced by the integration of an efficient electric heating system that comprehensively fulfills the heating requirements of the brewing process. By utilizing electric heating, the need for a separate and potentially costly steam heating system is effectively eliminated. This deliberate choice not only optimizes the operational expenses but also underscores the tank's commitment to sustainable and cost-effective brewing practices.

4. The integration of the tank body represents a significant advancement in both manufacturing efficiency and space utilization. This innovative design not only streamlines the manufacturing process, leading to cost savings, but also yields a remarkable reduction in equipment footprint. By consolidating multiple functions within a single integrated tank, the need for separate vessels or compartments is eliminated, resulting in a more compact equipment layout. This spatial efficiency not only contributes to a more organized and streamlined brewing environment but also optimizes the utilization of available space, making it a pragmatic choice for breweries seeking to maximize both production capabilities and floor space efficiency.

Based on the unique features of our beer brewing equipment, it has already won the warm love of many British customers. Its integrated design not only saves production costs, but also greatly reduces the equipment footprint, catering to the urgent needs of British customers for efficient use of limited space. By adopting the electric heating system, not only the excellent heating effect is achieved, but also the extra cost of configuring the steam heating system is avoided. This design concept, which comprehensively considers cost and environmental protection, undoubtedly provides an ideal and efficient brewing solution for British customers. At the same time, the excellent functionality of the Mash tank has also made our complete brewing system highly acclaimed in the British brewing industry, becoming one of their first choices for quality and efficiency.

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Excellent quality of our complete brewing equipment 

Our commitment to delivering excellence is at the core of our complete brewing equipment, ensuring top-tier quality and performance for every batch.

We maintain an unwavering focus on continuous improvement, striving to elevate our equipment to even higher standards of quality. Our dedication to building high-quality systems drives us to refine our processes and technologies, resulting in brewing equipment that consistently exceeds expectations.

Crafted entirely from premium 304 stainless steel, our equipment embodies meticulous craftsmanship at every step. This choice of material guarantees robustness and longevity, while the intricate workmanship ensures seamless operation throughout the brewing process.

To further enhance durability, we integrate sanitary stainless steel 304 fittings sourced from reputable manufacturers. By incorporating these high-quality components, we extend the lifespan of the entire equipment set, reducing the need for frequent replacements and minimizing disruptions to your brewing operations.

Our commitment to cost-effectiveness is reflected in every aspect of our offering. As a factory-direct supplier, we eliminate unnecessary intermediaries, enabling us to pass on substantial cost savings directly to our customers. This approach empowers our clients to maximize profits and streamline their bottom line.

We recognize the diverse requirements of our customers, which is why we offer an array of product specifications and complete configurations. This versatility ensures that brewing enthusiasts at all levels can find the perfect fit for their needs, allowing them to embark on their brewing journey with confidence.

Moreover, our equipment's remarkable durability means it can serve you for over four decades, with minimal maintenance costs. This extended service life not only underscores the reliability of our systems but also contributes to an improved profit margin for our valued customers.

In essence, our complete brewing equipment encapsulates excellence, longevity, and cost-effectiveness, making it the ultimate solution for breweries seeking to achieve outstanding results while optimizing their operational efficiency.

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Advantages of WEMAC complete brewing system

*Branded advantages

Our branded advantages are deeply rooted in our rich heritage, as we have dedicated over six decades to the art of beer equipment manufacturing. With an unwavering commitment to quality and innovation, we have become one of the most esteemed and recognized names in the industry.

Our legacy spans more than 60 years, during which we have honed our craft and expertise to perfection. This extensive experience has allowed us to refine our processes, innovate our technologies, and consistently deliver superior beer equipment that meets the highest standards of excellence.

Throughout our journey, we have earned the distinction of being a well-known brand within the industry. Our name is synonymous with quality, reliability, and performance. As pioneers in beer equipment manufacturing, we have set benchmarks for others to follow, and our reputation continues to flourish with every project we undertake.

Our enduring commitment to providing state-of-the-art solutions, our unyielding focus on customer satisfaction, and our deep-rooted industry knowledge have all contributed to our standing as a leading and respected brand. When you choose our products, you're not only investing in top-tier beer equipment but also aligning with a legacy of excellence that spans generations.

*Can produce a variety of beer to meet the diverse needs of customers

Our versatility shines through in our ability to craft a diverse range of beers that cater to the unique preferences and tastes of our valued customers.

From crisp lagers to robust ales, hop-forward IPAs to rich stouts, our brewing expertise empowers us to create an extensive spectrum of beer styles. Our experienced team of brewers and master craftsmen meticulously develop recipes, select premium ingredients, and employ advanced brewing techniques to ensure that each batch of beer is a masterpiece in its own right.

Whether you're seeking classic styles that pay homage to tradition or innovative brews that push the boundaries of flavor, we have the expertise to bring your vision to life. Our dedication to quality, consistency, and innovation ensures that every sip of our beer is a delightful experience that resonates with beer enthusiasts and connoisseurs alike.

By offering a diverse selection of beers, we not only satisfy the varying tastes of consumers but also provide our clients with a competitive edge in a dynamic and evolving market. Our commitment to creating exceptional beers that reflect our passion and dedication is a testament to our unwavering pursuit of brewing excellence.

*Can provide one-stop service for consulting, production, accessories, raw materials, after-sales, peripheral products, etc.

We take pride in offering a comprehensive one-stop service that encompasses every aspect of the brewing journey, ensuring a seamless and fulfilling experience for our valued clients.

Consulting: Our dedicated team of experts is here to guide you through every step of the brewing process. From initial concept and design to equipment selection and layout, we provide personalized consultations that align with your vision and goals.

Production: With state-of-the-art facilities and cutting-edge technology, we bring your brewing dreams to life. Our skilled craftsmen meticulously construct each component, ensuring precision, quality, and reliability in every piece of equipment.

Accessories: We understand that every detail matters. That's why we offer a wide array of accessories that complement your brewing setup, enhancing efficiency and convenience.

Raw Materials: Elevate your brew with premium raw materials carefully sourced for their quality and consistency. From malt to hops and beyond, our curated selection ensures that your beer is of the highest standard.

After-Sales: Our commitment doesn't end with the purchase. Our responsive after-sales support team is here to address any inquiries, provide maintenance guidance, and ensure your equipment continues to operate at its best.

Peripheral Products: Beyond the essentials, we offer an array of peripheral products that enhance the brewing experience. From labeling and packaging solutions to branding and marketing support, we have you covered.

Our all-encompassing approach is designed to simplify the brewing process, enhance the quality of your brews, and empower you with a complete solution. By choosing us, you're not just investing in equipment – you're gaining a partner that is dedicated to your success and passionate about every aspect of brewing excellence.


1. What services do you offer for brewing system design?

Our expertise encompasses comprehensive brewing system design services, tailored to your unique requirements. From conceptualization and layout to equipment selection and optimization, we offer professional guidance to create a brewing setup that aligns with your vision.

2. How does your manufacturing process ensure quality?

Our manufacturing process is backed by a team of experienced professionals and state-of-the-art facilities. With a meticulous focus on craftsmanship, precision, and adherence to industry standards, we ensure that every component of your brewing system is of the highest quality.

3. Can you accommodate various production capacities?

Absolutely. Our brewing system designs are adaptable to a wide range of production capacities, from small-scale operations to large commercial ventures. We tailor our solutions to meet your specific needs and growth aspirations.

4. What expertise do your professionals bring to the table?

Our team comprises brewing experts, engineers, and manufacturing specialists who collectively bring decades of experience to the brewing industry. Their insights ensure that your brewing system is not only efficient but also optimized for producing exceptional brews.

5. Do you offer customization options for brewing equipment?

Yes, we offer customization options to suit your preferences and brewing goals. Whether it's equipment specifications, layouts, or additional features, we collaborate closely with you to bring your unique ideas to fruition.

6. How do you ensure a seamless production process?

Our streamlined production process is built on a foundation of clear communication, project management, and rigorous quality control. We keep you informed at every stage, from design approval to manufacturing milestones, ensuring a smooth and transparent journey.

7. What materials do you use in manufacturing?

We use premium materials, including stainless steel and other industry-standard components, to ensure durability, longevity, and hygiene compliance in your brewing system.

8. How can I benefit from your expertise in the UK brewing industry?

Our in-depth knowledge of the UK brewing landscape, regulatory standards, and market trends enables us to create brewing solutions that resonate with local consumers and meet industry requirements.

9. What post-production support do you offer?

Our commitment extends beyond production. We provide post-production support, including installation guidance, training, and ongoing assistance to ensure that your brewing system operates efficiently and effectively.

10. How do I get started with your brewing system design and manufacturing services?

Getting started is easy. Simply reach out to our team through our contact channels, and we'll guide you through the process, from initial consultation to designing a tailor-made brewing system that suits your needs and aspirations.

In essence, our complete brewing system design and professional manufacturing services combine expertise, innovation, and a commitment to excellence, ensuring that your brewing venture in the UK is poised for success.

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