30 bbl fermenter for sale stainless steel fermenter WEMAC Y018

  • * Processing : Fermenting Equipment, Beer Brewing
  • * Brand : WEMAC
  • * Condition : New
  • * Material : SUS 304 316
  • * Size : 30BBL
  • * Place of Origin : Weifang, China (Mainland)
  • * Control system : AUTO/MANUAL
  • * Warranty : Within 24 months against the date of B/L
  • * Voltage: : To Be Determined (220V/ 380V/ 415V)
WEMAC 30BBL fermenter,is in 3500L effective capacity.The fermenter usually used as the wort fermentation equipment in the beer brewing process, its main purpose and role are as follow:
There is the miller plate jacket to cool down. The inside of the jacket is filled with alcohol water.With the temperature sensing and solenoid valves, can maintain the temperature inside the tank.

30 bbl fermenter for sale stainless steel fermenter WEMAC Y018

Several questions and answers will help you to know well of our fermentation tank:

1. What spare parts are normally configured on WEMAC fermenter, and what are they roles?

A: Conventional configuration of manhole, breathing valve, hop dry mouth, cleaning ball, mechanical pressure regulating valve, 

temperature sensor, sampling valve, wine discharge device, optional titanium rod, Elbow outlet, liquid level tube.

2. What is the main use of our WEMAC fermenter, there is the quantity limit?

A:The fermentation tank is mainly used as a container in the beer fermentation process, 

and can also be used as a container for storing craft beer. There is no limit on the fermentation tank quantity,

 it can be equipped according to the capacity of mashing capacity, or it can be matched according to the type of craft beer.

3. What structure is used for the cooling of WEMAC fermenter?

A:The fermenter use the Miller plate jacket to cooling the cylinder and the cone. Under the same usage amount of refrigerant,

this Miller plate structure can achieve the best cooling effect. Because our Miller plate jacket is in large contact area,

very good to cooling soon.

4. Why the fermenter manhole usually on the top, can it be on the side?

A: Yes,of course.

The advantage on the top: The manhole is not immersed in the beer, which can reduce health hazards, 

reduce the difficulty of cleaning and improve the safety of sealing.

When the fermentation tank are relatively large and high, the manhole usually installed on the side, 

so that the workers can be convenient to repair and enter.But  this is situation,the manhole is below the liquid level of the beer

which is not good for sanitary cleaning and also has high sealing requirements. So when the conditions permit, 

the priority choice is installed the manhole on the top of the tank.


All WEMAC 30BBL fermentation tank are equipped with the breathing valve and the mechanical pressure regulating valve.

Their cooperation can make the pressure of the tank maintain at a set value, and also can eliminate the negative pressure safety hazard 

when cleaning the tank body.

The sewage in the bottom, the cone beer outlet (bottom executives beer outlet), 

can effectively discharge the precipitated yeast, also can get the maximum of clear beer.

fermentation-tank 26.jpg

The side installation of the cleaning port, the height can be different according to our WEMAC customer requirements, 

which can not only convenient for cleaning, but also easy to monitor the pressure inside the tank, 

the to achieve the user-friendly design.

We have the adjusting bolt at the bottom of the leg design,this can adjust the height of the leg separately, 

eliminate the problem caused by the unevenness of the site floor, and match the design of the cross bracing of the leg,

so that the whole fermentation tank can reach the most stable balance state.

fermentation-tank 01.jpg

The whole structure design of our 30bbl fermentation tank is uniform, but in the position of the opening (alcoholic water inlet and outlet, temperature port, sampling port, cleaning pipeline, beer discharge port), the pipeline design can be customized. 

Then can meet the uniform and humanized design requirements at the same time.

The whole body of our fermentation tank plate is polished in the outer, and the internal acid pickling&passivated, 

so that can achieve the overall aesthetic effect, and also can get the internal sanitary level requirement.

fermentation-tank 33.jpg

The cleaning ball is installed at the top center, the bottom and the upper head are welded flush, so the inside of the tank can be maximum extent cleaned, and 360° cleaning without dead angle.

The hops dry mouth, together use with the hops dry thrower, can effectively reduce the air in during the hops dry process, 

reduce the impact on craft beer tasting.

From the view of usage: The fermentation tank can be also used as a brite tank. That means, 

when the customer also need the brite tank, if there is no special requirements,then we can change the taper of the fermenter to 90°, 

so that it can also be used as a brite tank. This saves your purchasing costs.

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30 bbl fermenter for sale stainless steel fermenter WEMAC Y018
30 bbl fermenter for sale stainless steel fermenter WEMAC Y018

WEMAC 30BBL fermenter,is in 3500L effective capacity.The fermenter usually used as the wort fermentation equipment in th...

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