WFI equipment water for injection system for sale WEMAC H019

  • * Processing : Fermenting Equipment, Beer Brewing
  • * Brand : WEMAC
  • * Condition : New
  • * Material : SUS 304 316
  • * Size : To Be Determined
  • * Place of Origin : Weifang, China (Mainland)
  • * Control system : AUTO/MANUAL
  • * Warranty : Within 24 months against the date of B/L
  • * Voltage: : To Be Determined (220V/ 380V/ 415V)
WFI equipment is a series of equipment and system that can produce water for injection. Its main equipment is multi column distillation plant.
WEMAC self-developed LDS series shell and tube type multi column distillation plant is the excellent equipment for WFI production. It takes purified water as original water and adjust industrial steam as heating source. By specially designed distiller and filter film process, the WFI equipment is most suitable for pharma factory and plant to produce injection agent.
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WFI equipment water for injection system


The water for injection produced by WEMAC water distiller matches the latest requirement of USP, EP and CGMP. It is developed and designed by top technical team in professional pharma field after research and integration of most advanced pharma water distiller in the world. After years of practical application and improvement, it is the most advanced, energy saving and high efficiency equipment in market.


WEMAC WFI equipment features:

1) Adjust 316L stainless steel for parts in contact with original water, water for injection and secondary pure steam.

2) Outer position preheater, distiller and first stage evaporator adopt double plate style.

3) Sedimentation evaporation, gravity separation and spiral turbulent flow form 3 stage separation process to original feeding water, effective and efficient.

4) High manufacturing standard. Pipes takes stretching and bending as priority. Joints of pipes and parts is welded precisely under the protection of argon to ensure welding quality.

5) Preheater and evaporator take fiberglass needle wire felt as heat preservation material. Its heat preservation effect is 30 times of common material.

6) Advanced energy saving design and system. WEMAC water distillation plant secondary steam is used recycling in each column. It is the most energy saving design with highest steam usage rate, and it is more effective with more columns. The cooling water consumption is also reduced by growing number of columns.

7) WEMAC designed 5 column water distillation plant use little cooling water. 6 column distilled water plant doesnt need any cooling water.


1) Simple in design and structure, easy for installation, disassembly and maintenance.

2) Adopt standard parts and common parts for the convenience of repair, replacement and cleaning.

3) Inner and outer surface of tank is cleaning and flat without dead leg. Anti corrosion, anti rust and sterile.

4) Contacting parts material adopt top quality low carbon stainless steel 316L, without any pollution to water.

5) Tanks adjust non-toxic, anti-corrosion, non-seeping pollution ion material. Equipped with sterile filter with stable performance.

6) Tanks inner surface is clean and smooth. Pipes joint and welding bead without dead angle and blister.

7) Adjust international top brand sanitary sensors, meters and valves.


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Professional and experienced

This is customers unanimous praise for our technical team and sales team. Through talking and discussion face to face, customers are convinced that WEMAC is indeed helpful and can provide the optimal solution. Both practical and cost saving, this makes WEMAC equipment and team reliable and attractive. 

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Professional design and customized equipment is the most important point we insist on. It is the basic and first step to start with. Carefully study customers need and problems first. WEMAC team takes this principle as priority. We always study all the request and details of what customers really care about, and then offer the right design and plan. With this guide, we produce top quality equipment that is most suitable for customers working site.

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Name: Maggie Lacarra        time:2020-01-10 15:58:30
Good quality and affordable price, cost-effective.

Name: Enid        time:2019-12-20 14:05:36
Professional beer brewing equipment manufacturer! They are in good quality.

Name: Katherine        time:2019-12-11 13:40:35
The WFI system adopts automatic control mode, humanized design, safe and reliable. Very good quality!

Name: Brenda        time:2019-09-12 11:12:43
The WFI equipment is just the one we need in our new factory.

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WFI equipment water for injection system for sale WEMAC H019
WFI equipment water for injection system for sale WEMAC H019

WFI equipment is a series of equipment and system that can produce water for injection. Its main equipment is multi colu...

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