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Vapour compression distiller and vapour compressor Chinese professional manufacturer

  • * Processing : Fermenting Equipment, Beer Brewing
  • * Brand : WEMAC
  • * Condition : New
  • * Material : SUS 304 316
  • * Size : To Be Determined
  • * Place of Origin : Weifang, China (Mainland)
  • * Control system : AUTO/MANUAL
  • * Warranty : Within 24 months against the date of B/L
  • * Voltage: : To Be Determined (220V/ 380V/ 415V)
Aqua-chem pressurized distilled water machine can provide production of 5 t/h in line with current USP and WFI in Europe. Focus on quality requirements for water for injection. The equipment is composed of a main engine and a compressor. The apparatus can produce germ-free sterile water with conductivity not higher than 1.0uS at 25°C.
1.Profitability: Produce WFI at the lowest possible cost compared to any other distillation technology
2.Sustainability: Lower energy better air quality
3.Simplify and Centralize: Large WFI VC units producing WFI reduces installation space, installation costs, and maintenance costs.
4.Stability and Reliability: Our investment in after sales service in China to maximize customer’s production
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Vapour compression distiller and vapour compressor Chinese professional manufacturer


Other manufacturers around the world produce vertical evaporators, only aqua-chem can produce horizontal production of the hot - press distilled water machine, vertical horizontal the core of the difference is the vertical distilled water produced in the column, and distilled water produced by horizontal evaporator tube side of evaporator, tube side without blind angle in line with GMP requirements, distilled water shell path has more dead zone, not easy to clean. Horizontal evaporator life higher than vertical because thick water does not soak the tube plate, and all vertical evaporators deep water to soak the tube plate.

The evaporator has CIP function, while the vertical one does not, so the cleaning is more complicated.

The steam generated inside the evaporator passes through the mist eliminator and enters the centrifugal compressor because the steam is continuously pumped.

Evaporation surface is reduced pressure and easier to achieve water vaporization. At the compressor outlet, steam pressure and temperature pass, the effect of overcompression is enhanced, and the compressed steam enters the tube bundle, which is easier to condense into distillation.

The latent heat of water is supplied directly to the evaporator.

The interior of the hot press water machine adopts a mesh type of spacer body, which is like a very winding road and similar multiple fences. Particles in the channel often hit the fence and are blocked, eventually entering the fence even though they're very, very small particles, and they get trapped.


Our group has several multi-effect distilled water machines, with specifications ranging from 3 tons to 5 tons

It is analyzed that the equipment for preparing distilled water is changed into a hot press type, and the analysis is as follows:

1. Long-term operation energy saving is obvious.

Taking 5 ton water machine as an example, the hot pressing type can achieve a steam consumption of 0.3 ton/small with waste heat recovery

, 0.6t/h without waste heat recovery, and 1.2t/h with multi-effect, save steam

The dosage of 75% ~ 50%.

If the customer needs to cool the water for injection in the later period, the cooling power of the cooling water can be greatly saved.

The rate of consumption, the water produced by the hot press can be controlled at about 75 degrees, about 20 degrees lower than the multi-effect water machine, no matter whether it is cooled by multi-effect water machine or by water point, the cooling capacity of the hot press is saved.

In fact, the amount of steam consumed by the multi-effect water cooler will be increased as a result of small scale formation after a year or two of use,

With the change of time and increase, and the thermal pressure distilled water machine can be used for more than 20 years without considering the heat, the problem of reduced efficiency.

2. Long life of equipment.

The hot pressing type is non-pressure vessel equipment, and the multi-effect type is pressure vessel. The life of the hot pressing machine is over 30 years.

The multi-effect life span is 8 to 10 years. From the perspective of the 30-year life cycle, equipment procurement costs are basically the same.

3. The water quality of the water dispenser meets the requirements of the European Union and the FDA

With a 4 Log drop over water, have a third party endotoxin challenge lab report.


Cases and Advantages:

Number of VC direct drive units in service worldwide. Approximately 100 direct drive VC units >10 ton/hr.

Number of direct drive VC units in Asia. Approximately 25 direct drive VC  installed and operations; another 6 being manufactured.

First pharmaceutical company to put direct drive in China at Baxter Guangzhou in 1999.


Designed and introduced direct drive VC technology. Aqua-Chem was first company in world to introduce technology.

To-date, no design issues or failures with the compressor since the first unit was installed in 1993. 

Partnered with world leader (over 300 hundred vapor compressors  in the world) to jointly design and manufacture the technology.


Standard Extended 5 year compressor warranty. Aqua-Chem was the first company in the world to introduce this warranty in the 1990’s because the reliability and design of the Aqua-Chem direct drive VC is so strong and proven with no major failures.

This is our standard warranty and included with each and every unit, regardless of customer or location.


Bearing Temperatures and Critical Spare Parts.

Compressor Bearing Housing Temperatures: 40-55C
Motor Bearing Temperatures: 35-55C
Compressor motors and bearing housings stocked in at Aqua-Chem/Wiptek shop in Shijiazhuang China.
Compressor motor service center: Shanghai.


Aqua-Chem vertical tube design in 1950’s and all other VC competitors.

Advanced horizontal tube design today: Superior endotoxin removal.


WFI in shell and tube sanitary heat exchangers is on inside of tubes because of minimal cracks and crevices versus outside of tube.

Low & Direct Drive = higher reliability as impeller becomes large.

Separate bearing housing does not transmit heat from steam at >102°C to the shaft and bearings of the motor. Improved reliability because it protects motor from heat.

Horizontal design eliminates the large mass of water on head gasket, leaks and difficult replacement


AQUA-CHEM Spray-Film® Design
High wetting rates.

Evaporation on outside of tubes.

Evaporator tubes do not remain in blowdown during shutdown mode.

Most forgiving technology for varying feed water conditions.

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Name: Atwood         time:2020-06-08 14:32:02
They worked very well.

Name: Bonnie Robinson        time:2020-03-06 11:25:10
Pretty good. It is a very professional manufacturer. They are able to produce the equipments exactly according my requirement.The materials also meet my standards. Now, i received these equipments and i am not too satisfed with them.

Name: Beatrix        time:2020-03-04 15:23:30
All my beer brewing equipments were bought in WEMAC. I have inspected this factory for about half a month, and most of them meet my standards. All the products I required can be made for me, and they are very good.

Name: Johnson White        time:2020-02-10 14:39:36
We have used the vapour compressor. It is very good. High degree of automation, simple operation! This is a trustworthy and reliable manufacturer.

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Vapour compression distiller and vapour compressor Chinese professional manufacturer
Vapour compression distiller and vapour compressor Chinese professional manufacturer

Aqua-chem pressurized distilled water machine can provide production of 5 t/h in line with current USP and WFI in Europe...

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