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China multi column distilled water plant manufacturer

  • * Processing : Fermenting Equipment, Beer Brewing
  • * Brand : WEMAC
  • * Condition : New
  • * Material : SUS 304 316
  • * Size : To Be Determined
  • * Place of Origin : Weifang, China (Mainland)
  • * Control system : AUTO/MANUAL
  • * Warranty : Within 24 months against the date of B/L
  • * Voltage: : To Be Determined (220V/ 380V/ 415V)
WEMAC is located in the beautiful kite capital of the world -- Weifang. Formerly known as Weifang medical device factory (founded in 1958), the company is mainly engaged in r&d, production and sales of pharmaceutical water system and beer brewing equipment. With a registered capital of 30 million yuan, the company is a high-tech enterprise, a member of China pharmaceutical equipment industry association, and a standing member of China food and packaging machinery industry association.
WEMAC adheres to the "care for life, the responsibility is supreme" the enterprise idea and "perfect services for users" of the enterprise purpose, adhere to the "professional solutions, the manufacture of high quality, timely and perfect after-sale service" as the goal, to provide customers with perfect project solution.

WEMAC mainly provides pharmaceutical water system and equipment, ingredient system and equipment, extraction and concentration system and equipment, craft beer system and equipment design, manufacturing and service. The company has advanced production and processing equipment and complete means of testing, to ensure first-class product quality. The company has a large plate open, polishing film covered automatic production line, automatic welding equipment for longitudinal and circular joints of plates and pipes, automatic water knife and plasma blanking equipment, CNC workpiece processing center, perfect product testing center, advanced spectrometer, endoscope, roughness meter, thickness detector and non-destructive testing equipment.
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China multi column distilled water plant manufacturer 


Column tube multi-effect distilled water machine is a kind of deionized water as raw water, making water injection steam heating equipment, has a reasonable structure, simple operation, high thermal efficiency, low energy consumption, water for injection water quality automatic detection, etc, this machine has stable quality of injection water production, high purity, effluent water quality conforms to the Chinese pharmacopoeia, European pharmacopoeia, the United States pharmacopoeia, the provisions of the "water for injection". This machine can produce high purity steam for sterilization and disinfection, it is the ideal equipment for water production in hospital, pharmacy, electronics, food and beverage industry, and the first choice equipment for cGMP standard in pharmaceutical industry.

LDS multi - effect distilled water machine working principle


The qualified raw material water is pressurized by the multi-stage pump and then enters the condenser for heat exchange, then successively enters each effect preheater, then enters the primary effect evaporator and is sprayed on the inner wall of the heating tube by the feed water distributor, so that the feed water flows in a film shape inside the tube and is heated and vaporized by the steam from the boiler. The secondary steam with water droplets is generated from the bottom of the heating tube and enters the soda water separation device. The separated pure steam enters the next effect as the heating steam, and the raw water that has not been evaporated enters the next effect. The above process is repeated. The pure steam generated by the final effect enters the condenser and is cooled together with the condensed water from all effects except the first effect. After the insoluble gas is eliminated, it becomes water for injection at a temperature of 92 ~ 99℃.


Double tube board: to prevent cross-contamination of multiple materials (double tube board or single tube board according to customer requirements)

Raw materials: SS316L is used for contacting with distilled water and secondary pure steam and pipes, and SS304 is used for the rest.

Reasonable sealing structure: most of the equipment is connected with flange, with evaporator and separate structure, with PTFE as sealing pad, sealing machine to prevent leakage.

Unique three-stage separation: falling film evaporation + gravity settlement + screen defoaming.

Reasonable control of automatic discharge of qualified and unqualified distilled water: through PLC, the use of two three-way valve control.

1. Level control: the whole equipment is not qualified.

Electrochemical polishing: high surface finish; Improve the corrosion resistance of stainless steel; It can be used to polish the position that cannot be handled by mechanical polishing equipment, which is very important for the effluent water quality of multi-effect distilled water machine.

Energy saving: the heat exchange rate of the whole equipment is increased by 20% due to the use of thin-walled heat exchange pipes, advanced feed-water distributor and the use of water for injection generated by each effective evaporator as the heating source of the preheater. 5. Cooling water is not used in the north, but in the south. Cooling water is not used in the engine.

Long service life: due to the use of large space, low speed separation, to avoid the steam friction corrosion. The service life of the machine is greatly prolonged. Under the same conditions, the service life of the s-type multi-effect machine is extended by 5-6 years compared with that of the helical multi-effect machine.


Heat source heating methods are different :LDS USES boiler steam into the evaporator, the preheater is heated raw water; The LDF USES boiler steam that enters both the evaporator and the preheater.

The separation methods are different: LDS adopts falling film evaporation + gravity settlement + screen defrosting, while LDF adopts falling film evaporation + gravity settlement + spiral orbit centrifugal separation.

Advantages of LDS type: compared with F type, 6 effect S type distilled water machine does not need cooling water, 5 utility trace cooling water, high utilization rate of heat exchange, energy saving, long service life, easy maintenance, not easy leakage.


Automatic welding with internal and external argon protection: welding pipeline and equipment barrel to ensure welding quality.

Insulation layer: glass silk cotton or composite silicate needle silk blanket, outer layer using SS304 wire drawing board.

Control system: there are a variety of control modes for users to choose: manual, PLC+ instrument automatic, PLC+ touch screen, etc. PLC+ instrument can display temperature, conductance, flow rate, pressure and so on online. PLC+ touch screen can observe the changes of parameters (temperature, conductance, flow rate, pressure, etc.) online through touch screen, so as to know the production status of the equipment at any time. And can be provided with paper or no paper recorder according to customer requirements.

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Name: Amanda        time:2020-02-20 16:10:56
It is an awesome multi column distilled water plant. Made of high quality stainless steel,the advantage of this cmulti column distilled water plant is that the user can omit the installation program of the distilled water, which improves the work efficiency, and has a small area to save the cost, the overall appearance is beautiful and easy to operate...

Name: Dylan        time:2020-01-18 15:16:40
The factory is very good, the quality is also very good.

Name: Lucine        time:2020-01-12 16:26:34
The shipment is timely and the equipment is very good.

Name: Benjamin         time:2019-12-27 14:39:35
Energy-efficient distiller! Great!

Name: Shirley        time:2019-12-26 13:44:22
I am so satisfied with this multi column distilled water plant. Very good quality and technology.

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China multi column distilled water plant manufacturer
China multi column distilled water plant manufacturer

WEMAC is located in the beautiful kite capital of the world -- Weifang. Formerly known as Weifang medical device factory...

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