We are a one of the largest Brewery equipment manufacturers and factory since 1958 from china ,professional craft brewing,home brewing ,microbrewery and commercial brewing equipment equipment solutions from China.we design and install Brewery equipment worldwide. Admin@senmobrew.com

WEMAC workers in customer site WEMAC Y049

WEMAC workers in customer site WEMAC Y049

WEMAC workers are responsible for organizing construction drawing review, 

on-site pipeline and tank installation; Responsible for on-site material equipment entry plan; 

Organizing construction according to construction plan, constructing construction plan according to contract and company requirements; 

Organizing construction, collecting and archiving construction technical data Engineering safety, civilized construction; 

quality audit and acceptance work at all stages of the project, and responsible for recording; 

Participate in the after-sales service of the project.

Great factory,great workers!




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