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WEMAC Client Site Installation WEMAC Y050

WEMAC Client Site Installation WEMAC Y050

Every week,WEMAC  have different installation in customer site.

In accordance with the equipment layout plan and installation construction drawings, foundation drawings, 

equipment dimensions and mutual spacing requirements drawn by the process technology department, 

the basic construction and equipment handling shall be in place. 

The following factors are considered when designing a device process floor plan:

1. Adapt to the needs of the process.

2. Facilitate the storage, transportation and cleaning of the workpiece.

3. The outer dimensions of the equipment and its attachments, the extreme position of the moving parts and the safety distance.

4. Ensure equipment installation, maintenance and operation safety.

5. The plant and equipment work, including the width and height of the door, the span of the plant, and the height.

WEMAC beer brewery equipment,to be the best brewery equipment.

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